10 of the Best Caravan Accessories for Camping in 2021

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With a pandemic pause on overseas travel, many Australians are turning to caravan and camping holiday for the first time. And when it comes to setting up a caravan, many travelers like useful and standard accessories. After all, your home on wheels should be designed for your living.

The specialists at Xtend Outdoors, your one-stop solution for all the caravan accessories, have sorted ten of our favorite caravan and camping accessories to be equipped with on your next adventure.

These are the must-have practical caravan accessories that turn camping into glamping, for 2021.

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1.BBQ Arm

These days, many of the items claim to make life easier while camping and caravanning, but in the end, increase unnecessary weight. But BBQ Arm is not one of those items, and it will certainly simplify your gear and reduce your set up a time for better.
Xtend Outdoor BBQ Arm is an arm with a tray that swings off your caravan or camper and is powder coated with galvanized steel. A caravan is our home, but we do not like to cook out in the elements, so adding this BBQ Arm in the awning is advantageous. It is a multipurpose element you can add while holidaying.

2.Australia Wide Inflatable Annexe

Attaching an additional room to the caravan is time-consuming, and you may struggle to attach traditional large metal awnings, but now you can count on these airframes.
Xtend Outdoors Wide Inflatable Annexes are quite convenient and easy to set up the poles as each one is linked together. Once you start inflating the single-pole, the air will automatically inflate the entire annexes. It allows natural sunlight to enter and can be inflated with a manual hand pump.

3.Electric Roll out Awning Annexe

To have a fully enclosed canvas area, you need an extra option for sleeping or waterproof storage or shade area. Xtend Outdoor Electrical Rollout Awning Annexe is perfect for it as it adds strength to your awning as it comes with curved roof rafters and anti flap kit.
It provides the convenience to extend and retract the awning with the push of a button as the task of rolling out the awning is an effortless and one-man job that can be done from inside the awning itself.

4.Art Shade Walls

We do not want our surroundings to be boring and dull while we are out, but we can add some fun and pop colors in practical accessories to use in the caravan. And if you do not have time to create on your own, attaching Xtend Outdoors Art Shade Walls is a fantastic option for ultra-fast set up for short trips.

Art shade walls are a fun way to add protection and privacy while making a statement when holidaying in your van! It provides 92% protection from the sun and offers superb privacy and ventilation.

5.Rollout Awning Clothesline

Flooded up with washed clothes and do not have an ideal area to dry them out while traveling? The innovative Xtend Outdoors Rollout Awning Clothesline cleverly attaches to your awning and involves no complicated installation as it installs either inside or outside of your awning.

6. Australia Wide Camper Awning

To have fun with your wind up camper in a home-like comfort, Xtend Outdoors Australia Wide Camper Awning is an innovation for the wind-up campers. To equip your wind up camper with best quality awnings and annexes, anti flap kit to prevent awnings from flapping.

It is the most convenient option for all the wind-up campers as you can drop the canvas down to fully cover the room or roll it up to let the cool breeze come in.

7.Fiamma Awning – F45S

Whether you have set up camp in the middle of nowhere or you have settled in a caravan park, if you want to extend your living space to enjoy spacious outdoor dining, Xtend Outdoors Fiamma Awning – F45S provides shade and shelter to you and your family.
It is easy to handle and simple to install. After attaching, you just have to hook the Fiamma brackets and fasten the awning to the brackets. These are the best options for a caravan holiday!

8.Australia Wide Rollout Awning Walls

When it is beautiful breezy weather, you like to enjoy, sit outside and have fun. But what if it is raining or it is hot outside? You do not have to give up, simply install these Xtend Outdoors Australia Wide Rollout Awning Walls for some privacy, ventilation, and storage.
It has layers that allow you to see whether it is raining cold or windy, or roll all the layers up to have the annex completely open. It is built to withstand wind using a full awning support system and provides a complete waterproofing seal.

9.New Aussie Traveller Anti-Flap Kit

Weather is not predictable when you are out camping with your family and friends. You may often experience heavy rain and wind, and the awning you installed keeps on flapping and creating noise.

Prevent the awning from flapping with Xtend Outdoors Anti Flap Kit, which is made from high strength aluminum and has six clamps to secure your rollout awning vinyl from flapping, also coated powder-white for visual appeal.

This is our new standard product with a provision for LED lighting and contains an additional external sail track for easy addition of patio awning extension.

10.Inflatable Extension Room

While camping, often a caravan is not spacious enough to fit them all. You need extra space or room for children or a storage tent to park your bike and excess gear or a place to set up a shower or toilet.

Xtend Outdoors Inflatable Extension Room is a great affordable adoption for extra space and privacy while on the road, involving no interference of other caravanners around you.


For making life on the road easy, practical, and comfortable, invest in the right caravan accessories. Caravans that are appropriately equipped are safer, more secure, and enable a better living while holidaying in your van!

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