10 Ways to Celebrate Australia Day

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Australia Day falls on the 26th of January. It is considered a public holiday across Australia, and most businesses are closed for the day. It is one of the most widely regarded holidays for most Australians, and they make the most of their day off by hosting barbeques or going camping or getting together with family and friends. Australia day celebrations are a grand affair that stretches from dawn to way later in the night.

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The Significance Of Australia Day

Australia Day matters a great deal to a lot of Australians. On this day they celebrate all things they love about their beloved homeland; their life and their freedom and their country.
On this day, in the year 1788, a convoy of eleven British ships called the First Fleet set up the dock at Port Jackson. They were the first foreign settlers ever to set foot on Australian soil, and hence, by 1935, it was called Australia Day all over the country.

Why Celebrate Australia Day?

Australia day is seen as a way to embrace all that their motherland has given them over the years. It is a celebration of life, of love, of friends and family. It is a day to make the most of what we have. Australians take it upon themselves to enjoy as much as the day can give them time to.

Fun Facts About Australia Day: Here Are Some Australia Day Facts

• Sydney Harbor hosts their annual boat race on this day. You will find a wide array of boats from ferries to great boats competing in this race.
• 700 out of the 1000 people who arrived in the first fleet were prisoners.
• The Australian of the Year award is handed out every year since 1960.
• Citizenship ceremonies are held on this day. It is a favourite day to become an Australian citizen.
• One of the most significant events being held every year during Australia Day is the City of Perth Skyworks.
• Each year more than 13 million Australians participate in Australia Day celebrations.
• This is the country’s official national day.

How Do We Celebrate Australia Day?

Some activities are enjoyed during Australia Day. Australia Day celebrations include camping, barbequing, playing cricket, caravanning, or relaxing at home with a couple of Australian movies. The plus point about living in Australia is that January is a pretty warm month, so it’s great to be outdoors and have fun.

Ways To Celebrate Australia Day:

1. Start a barbeque:
This is a great way to gather all your friends and family to one spot and enjoy a good round of food and drinks. Barbequing is the most common pastime during the holidays, and a great way to spend time with loved ones.

2. Chill with a “slab”:
An Australian slang term for a carton of beer, it is one of the most refreshing ways for an Australian to beat the January heat. A chilled beer over freshly grilled meat is every Australian’s dream.

3. Enjoy a Tim-Tam Slam:
Tim-Tams are a local Australian delicacy. Usually, chocolate covered biscuit treat. It is a sweet Australian staple. A Tim-Tam Slam specifically involves one bar of biscuit and a hot beverage of choice, either coffee or milo is preferred. To enjoy this, one must chew on the ends of the Tim-Tam and use it as a straw to suck in the hot beverage, and once the biscuit has turned soft, one must “slam” it into their mouths and enjoy the way it melts inside.

4. Watch your favorite Australian movie or sing along to patriotic songs:
Revisit some of Australia’s classics such as Red Dog, Mad Max, Muriel’s wedding, The Hunter, Animal Kingdom, Strictly Ballroom, and Crocodile Dundee. Or you can gather your friends and walk the streets singing your favorite patriotic songs like “Down Under” or “True Blue” or, if you are homesick, then Peter Allen’s “I Still Call Australia Home” is the right choice to sing while remembering Australia day.

5. Join a community event:
You will find a lot of festivals, concerts, parades and fairs happening on this day. You will see a lot of these events online or in your local event calendar. You can also take a visit to your local indigenous cultural centre or related art gallery if you want an enriching experience of the history of Australia Day.

6. Visit the beach:
No outing is complete without a quick dip in the ocean to cool oneself off. Visiting the clean, pristine waters is a must to beat the heat. St. Kilda Beach is one such famous beach to head to with friends and family for a picnic or BBQ while listening to your best tunes on your portable speakers, while the Sydney Harbor hosts a wide array of events starting with the famous boat race that is a must see.

7. Watch the fireworks:
During the evening, head outside with your loved ones to watch the fireworks unfold on the clear black sky. Check your local listings to find the nearest venue in your city. It surely is a sight to behold.

8. Have a cricket match:
Start your tournament in your backyard or join a community sporting event and enjoy an intense game of Australia’s most popular sport: cricket.

9. Go Camping:
If you are a real fan of the outdoors, you wouldn’t mind pitching up a tent and spend the rest of the evening gazing up at the stars while roasting your food over a campfire. Some special places to visit are secluded beaches and islands, National or Wilderness parks, or even your backyard.

10. Take your RV and go for a spin:
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So, here is to everyone celebrating Australia Day, to have a safe and enjoyable holiday.

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