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4 Useful Tips to Make Your Caravan Packing Easier

October 13th, 2020 in General by

Don’t you agree that packing for your caravan trip can often be overwhelming? When you drive with an overpacked caravan, it makes you disorganized. On the other hand, there are chances that you might miss your necessary camping items when you under a pack. 

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To help with the above issue, we bring you some helpful tips to make your caravan packing easier:

1. Keep a Checklist Handy With You

Whether you are going on a long trip around Australia or just a short weekend getaway, you can always follow a checklist while packing.  Since there are so many caravan essentials to carry, keeping a list on your phone or a paper can be very helpful. 

The checklist will serve as a reminder for you to pack all the necessary items. You also do not forget packing any caravan item. It makes your packing job much easier and quicker than usual. 

2. Assign a Fixed Place for the Basic Items in Your RV 

Several small items might slip away from your mind while packing for your caravan. To resolve this, you can fix a proper place for these items in your caravan. This applies to things like remote control, sanitizer, iPod, first aid kit, etc. You can use hooks, clip gates, or holders in your RV to place them properly.

This practice is helpful whenever you hit the road and want to keep things handy in your motorhome. It also increases the visibility of your essential items in your RV, and you can easily access them. 

3. Do Not Unpack All Your Camping Equipment At Once 

Taking all things out as soon as you reach your campsite is one of the biggest mistakes. This might include your camping equipment like awnings, extensions and shades, folding tables, chairs, etc. You can first plan what you will need for your camping ground beforehand and then setup those items only. 

This method will save your hassle of packing/unpacking your camping equipment at one go. It will not make you tedious or tired during your caravanning. This way, you can enjoy a relaxed caravanning holiday with your loved ones.

4. Do Not Pack Things That You Will Not Use While Caravanning 

It is equally important to identify what you not to pack while caravanning. This tip might sound obvious, but any campers or caravan enthusiasts fail to do so. At times we tend to pack an extra pair of an item that we assume that we will need along our way. But we realize it later that we do not actually need them. 

This practice applies to your clothing, footwear, and kitchen equipment specifically. Make sure only to carry the ones that you will actually use them during your trip. 


The above tips are something that every camper or traveller should know. They can help you in packing for your caravan trip efficiently. You can also have a peaceful, organized, and enjoyable travel experience with your family and friends. 

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