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5 Caravan Security Devices You Might Need While Camping

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The security of your caravan completely depends on the site you choose for camping. A national park or a camping ground is relatively more secure than a remote outback. But burglary and theft can happen anywhere and to be on a safer side you have to take some security measures.

There are some amazing caravan security devices available in the market that would make you completely relaxed and free of all kinds of worries of theft and break-ins.

We have selected 5 remarkable caravan security devices that you might need.



Alarms have been the most common and the most effective security devices for our homes and our vehicles making them a classic security harness. There is a wide range of caravan security alarms available in the market. From door and window alarms to vibration and movement detecting alarms that could spot the slightest motion inside your caravan are the best traditional security devices for your caravan.

Hitch Locks

5 Caravan Security Devices You Might Need While Camping

A towing hitch connects the caravan with your vehicle and so it is the main link between both of them. The bad thing about hitches are, they can be broken, although it requires blunt strikes which makes a huge noise making you alert, yet if you are not around your caravan, it is possible for the thieves to get away with either. Hitch locks for caravan security fit over the towing hitches and are easy to operate. A valuable tip for choosing a good hitch lock; go for the best steel. There are many insurance companies which have hitch locks as a prerequisite condition to buy insurance for the caravan.

Wheel Clamps


Nothing could secure like a wheel clamp and that is because you can’t even move a clamped wheel an inch unless the thieves decide to carry the caravan on their shoulders. Wheel clamps are very popular nowadays, and they provide excellent security to your caravan. Wheel clamps like hitch locks are a mandatory condition to have for many insurance companies.

Collapsible Security Post

5 Caravan Security Devices You Might Need While Camping

Collapsible security posts are one of the best security devices you could have for securing your caravan. They are painless to carry and easy to operate. Security post helps you make a temporary barricade anywhere anytime blocking the way for your parked caravaner. The barricaded space doesn’t allow your vehicle to move beyond the point you have installed the post. Caravan security posts are better if they are collapsible.

Tracker Devices

5 Caravan Security Devices You Might Need While Camping

GPS has been very helpful since the advent of the technology in practicality. One such beneficial application of GPS is the tracker device. A tracker device with the help of Global Positioning System can track your stolen vehicle down.

Many people buy cheap security devices like hitch locks and wheel clamps to meet the conditions of insurance companies to buy insurance. Cheap security devices won’t help you and the hassle you would have to go through when these devices give in is much costlier than the devices themselves.

You need not buy all the caravan security devices, experts say you should have at least 2 security devices.

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