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5 Easy Steps to Replace Your Caravan Flyscreen

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If you love nature, chances are you lookout for fresh air and sunlight wherever you are. This trait might have taken you a step ahead; do you prefer a caravan with openable windows? If yes, you are definitely some kind of a naturalist.

Openable windows bring a major problem; insects and by now you got it fixed by installing a caravan flyscreen. Well, the real problem begins with replacing your caravan flyscreen. Flyscreens could damage in two major ways; the mesh getting damaged or the rubber mold wears off. Either way, you need to change the caravan flyscreen, and changing it by yourself, could save you the unnecessary overhead.



Here are simple steps to flyscreen replacement.


  1. Rubber Mold– The very first step of how to replace the caravan fly screen is to remove the rubber mold. After opening the awning window of your caravan, you need to take out the rubber mold by using a screwdriver. Now slowly peel the mold off.


  1. New Screen– Before installing the new flyscreen, you need to soak it in hot water. Soaking in hot water helps in providing flexibility to the screen.


  1. Installing– Start installing the new flyscreen by pressing the rubber mold into the aluminum window channel at the top right or left corner. After completing the top side installation, press the rubber mold on both sides.


  1. Lower section– Once the sides and the top of the window are done, press the lower section of the fly screen on the aluminum window channel. After pushing back all the sides of the mold, run your fingers over the frame and check for gaps.


  1. Last touch– At the last, use a flathead screwdriver to set the rubber mold to the frame. Here’s your caravan window once again with a flyscreen.

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