5 Hollywood Movies to Watch While Camping

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A superb way to feel at home while camping is, transforming your caravan into mini home theatre and watching movies. The next question is, which movies to watch? Well, caravanning/camping being an adventurous activity, you don’t want to watch Oscar baits, romcoms, chick flicks or even psychological thrillers for that matter which need a lot of focus. The best genres on a camping trip could be adventure movies and horror flicks.

Movies to Watch While Camping

We have made a mini list of Hollywood movies that you would love to watch on a camping trip. Read on…

Journey to the Center of Earth

This epic fiction novel by Jules Verne has been adapted in various forms- films, TV series, TV film, miniseries and more. We recommend you watch the film adaption on your camping trip and that too the very first one, which it started it all—the 1959 Journey to the Center of Earth! Although the 2008’s remake isn’t a bad choice, the 1959’s holds 86% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, even if the effects make you feel out of touch.

The Goonies

The 1985 adventure comedy is a great movie choice if you have a lot of kids on your camping trip. Spielberg’s children’s adventure is a cult film in its genre—adventure and has a place in the United States National Film Registry. The cat-and-mouse chase and the pursuit for the treasure make The Goonies the perfect watch for a camping trip.

Romancing the Stone

Many would call it a copy of Indiana Jones, but the Robert Zemeckis adventure movie was a box office hit of 1985. The Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner starrer comedy-adventure would take you to adventurous South America with the chase in the jungles, smugglers in pursuit and, obviously a treasure everyone is seeking.

National Treasure

Although a low scorer on Rotten Tomatoes, the Nicholas Cage starrer National Treasure was a box office success. Obviously, the story is about a treasure hunt, it juxtapositions itself with American history. A cryptologist and a treasure hunter, Ben Gates embarks on a tell-tale that slowly and gradually unravels the secretive American history that leads him to the treasure.

The Shining

When it comes to horror movies, nothing could beat The Shining. Based on the book by Stephen King and made by the auteur Stanley Kubrick, the movie is the ultimate horror movie without any gory makeup, looming shadows, and ghosts. The story of a writer—Jack Torrance who moves to a remote hotel as a caretaker, which is about to close for the winters. The story carefully manoeuvres us through Jack’s relationship with his family, his rotting temperament, and a frenzy of murdering his family. This chill-running-down-the-spine movie should be reconsidered as a camping movie if you have got kids.

There could have been a lot more movies with more diversified genres, but then the list would be more obvious, less relatable and, not suitable for all (considering family and friends). Enjoy these movies on your next camping trip and to get more such amazing things on camping, visit us at www.xtendoutdoors.com.au

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