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5 Places To Visit In Australia This Summer And Reasons

February 20th, 2019 in Tips by

Australia is the opposite of North America in terms of seasons. Australia has sunny and dry weather from May to September. If you are looking for what time to visit Australia, months from May to September makes Australia an ideal vacation place during summer. Australia has a lot of variety to explore and between May to September is the best time to visit Australia.

Camping in the mountains.


Why summer is the best time to visit Australia weather:

  • Ideal weather: If you are visiting during the summer months in Australia means their winter, it does not say it is freezing, and you can’t have fun. Our summer is the best time to visit. The weather is often varied here. You will experience sun-drenched beaches and the warmth, dry tropical north and Melbourne and Sydney have chilly weather.


  • Activities: If you are stuck with “why should I visit Australia?”, Then let me clear this confusion for you. If you love music or enthusiast of nature, Australia has a lot to offer you. During June and August, you will get to explore Melbourne’s, Winter Night Market. In Sydney, you can enjoy the music and light festival called Vivid which lights up the city. You can go for a whale watch, watch them swimming as they migrate during this time.


  • Less crowd and low price: If you are a person who does not like the crowd, this is the best time to visit as Australia is less crowded during this time and also the packages are cheap.

If you are still thinking “What is the best time of the year to visit Australia?” It is this summer, the best time of year to visit Australia. Are not the above facts giving you enough reasons to visit Australia? Pack your luggage and get ready for the amazing trip this summer. Check out here and get amazing products at an affordable price to make your trip perfect. You can get all the required types of equipment to go camping. Take a virtual tour of the products before buying.

Now if you have made your mind, the next question you are thinking is which city to visit in Australia. Here we have come up with places to visit in Australia.

Follow the guide to know the top 5 places to visit in Australia this summer:

  1. Jumping Crocs and the Tropical Jungle: The beautiful city Darwin is one of the great places to visit in Australia. This city deserves 2 days to explore all the things this city has to offer. This tropical city has 13 canyons in Katherine Gorge and Kakadu National park which is a must-visit for travellers. Also, you can visit Litchfield National park and Jumping crocodile cruise. There is a night market in Darwin famous for great food.
  2. The Bungle Bungles: This is a fascinating world heritage site, discovered by Australians in 1983 and was named as “Bungle Bungles” but this place was there for millions of years. You can explore hidden pools, beehive-shaped domes, slender palm trees and Purnululu National Park. This place is another best place among Australia places to visit in summer. This place offers to explore dramatic landscapes.
  3. Swim with whale sharks: Get your ultimate experience of swimming in shining tropical waters along with whale sharks, the largest fish of the sea. These gentle whale sharks reach here to feed, from April to July in Ningaloo Reef. This is the ideal time to visit here. Also, this Ningaloo Reef is located in Broome which famous for Cable Beach and its marvellous sunsets. You can even spot camels here and take a ride.
  4. Uluru: One of the great places to go in Australia is Uluru. You can visit between May and September at its best. Experience the magical desert landscapes and Ayers rock filled with Australian culture and spirituality. The sunrise or sunset is going to make your jaw drop as the rocks changes colours along with the day. There is a remote town near Uluru called Alice Spring is a broken collection of buildings. You can visit the fascinating art galleries here and visit ancient sites. Experience the Sounds of Silence dinner; you can watch the change in colours over and over again as the sun sets.
  5. The Great Barrier Reef Cairns and Tropical North Queensland: Many people visit here to see the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns. This place is excellent around the whole year; on the other hand, North Queensland is hot and humid throughout the year. But this place feels comfortable from May to September; hence this is the best time of the year to visit. You can take a cruise on the coral princess to travel from Cairns to Cooktown. Cooktown is where Europeans made the first landfall in Australia.

Xtend Outdoors hopes the above facts helped you clear your confusion “when is the best time of year to visit Australia?” Get ready for a fantastic summer in Australia.


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