5 Ways to Improve Your RV Trips in 2020

March 5th, 2020 in General by

In a decade-long time, you would have changed a lot. Maybe you were not a traveller earlier, but you became now. Or perhaps you were an enthusiastic traveller who may have set some goals to travel with your friends, family and loved ones, well before the decade commenced.

5 Ways to Improve Your RV Trips in 2020

Well, no matter which faction you belong to, bottom line – ‘You Love RVing!’. With the beginning of 2020, an entire decade’s ending begun too and so you must live this year fulfilling all your RV travelling desires.

Enhance Your RV Trips in 2020

Awnings and Annexes can instantly enhance your RV travelling experience and make all your upcoming trips a ride of joy. To satiate your wanderlust, we give you five ways. Check them to discover how can they enhance your RV journeys in 2020!

Regretless & Travel more

Lived whole decade regretting all the trips missed? Regret no more! List all such places and plan to travel there now. This year spend most of your time in catching up what you lost due to professional or personal commitments in the whole past decade.

Branch out from Comfort

Habitual of taking flights and booking hotels? Well, this entire year, ditch that! Buy an RV or borrow one from your friends. If comfort is prominent for you the install awnings and annexes to your RV. Add assorted stuff to feel lavish you are accustomed to such as flooring, storage room, bed surrounds and screens. But do branch out from the usual big, comfortable and fancy trips!

Make RV Companions

Travelling alone is quite OVERRATED! We suggest that you must join RV clubs and trip with friends. You will discover newer destinations and fun ideas. More people will mean more creativity, excitement and fun.

‘Reuse, Reduce and Recycle’ when on the move

Plastic and paper utensils may seem like the best choice to use and trash, but they are not! Carrying dishes and cleaning them when you travel in an RV is more ecofriendly. Restoring water and filtering it to reuse will be more cost-efficient than buying or refilling often.

Extend your outdoors

When you want a fantastic trip, you also desire serenity. Sipping a hot beverage under your awning after a tiresome expeditious day will be best to release the stress.

When you use Australia Wide Annexes from Xtend Outdoors, you feel a sigh of bliss! It comes with diverse benefits such as

  • draft-skirt to keep dust away
  • anti-flaps to avoid flapping during winds
  • better water weight-bearing capacity to survive rains
  • a 3-year warranty to assure that your fantastic tripping year does not end and goes on even afterwards, just like an after-party

Hopefully, these ideas will make your decade-end a classic tripping year, and you will have several memories to bauble forever. Happy RVing in 2020!

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