6 Amazing Ideas to Hike Light

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If you are only hiking or even camping and hiking, there is one thing that would weigh you down, and that is the weight itself. As a hiker, the weight is important, you backpack food, water and all other essential stuff that you need for that adventurous journey. But, have you given a serious thought about hiking light?


You may be called the ‘stupid light’ but carrying a light on hiking has greater benefits than carrying along with the whole world.


  1. Light in the first place– It is so obvious, you need you to start off with carrying light. Although you need to pack what you need to pack for a hiking trip, yet you should work on toning down the stuff you carry. Probably those lightweight hikers would do as much as those heavy hiking boots.


  1. Move like animals– Move in groups, no it is not the herd mentality we are talking about. Hiking in groups shares the load and thus reduces the burden on every individual. Hiking in groups is a great example of teamwork.


  1. Drop the weight as you move– Everything you carry on a hiking trip can be categorized in two; perishable and perdurable. There is nothing more perishable than food items. Start losing the food items which you know you won’t consume in the near future thus making them meet a rotting destiny.


  1. Layer clothes– Going hiking in winters could weigh you down tremendously. But then there is a way you do not have to carry all that excess baggage. All you need to do is layer clothes. Layering a couple of sweaters or a wearing a coat on a sweater would not only lose the weight, it would also save you space.


  1. Skill up– For most of us, skilling up for a hiking trip would be a long shot. But if you consider hiking above all the other outdoor activities, you should acquire new skills. New skills give you new ways to do things, eventually lessening your burden. Skills could also include hacks and tips.


  1. The all-in-one– You need essential gears on a hiking trip and you cannot tone them down or leave them behind. Well, a better idea is to consolidate them. Let’s take an example, your mobile has GPS, camera, can communicate and a lot many things. That could be a great all-in-one alternative to say a compass and a DSLR. You can weigh yourself down by consolidating many more hiking gears.

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