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6 Space Saving Tips For Caravanners

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When you are out on the road in your caravan, you tend to bring along a lot of stuff from your home to avoid running out of resources. Now the biggest challenge that a person faces during such trips is to keep things organized. It is not difficult to organize your things and keep them in place. All it takes is a little creativity and some research to find out simple hacks that could help you to optimize the utilization of space in your caravan.

1. Using Nesting Bowls and Spoons

Nesting Bowls and Spoons

Utensils like bowls and spoons are often in demand during trips but it becomes difficult to store them. A good way to manage them is to use bowls and spoons that nest into a single unit. This helps in storing more units in the space used by the largest container. Not only does this look really cool, but it also ensures that all of the components are kept together safely.

2. The “Dangling Jar” Effect

The "Dangling Jar" Effect

Image Source: thecreativeimperative

Did you know that you could use your old jars for storing common knick-knacks? Well, you can also hang them from the ceiling of your caravan with the “dangling jar” effect. This is not a magic trick. All you need to do is to screw the lids of the jars onto the ceiling and then you can stuff the jar with your things before you screw them into their respective lids. I must say that whoever came up with this idea has amazing creativity.

3. Fold Up Chairs Can Be Stored in Less Space

Fold Up Chairs Can Be Stored in Less Space

Ask any camper about the single most desired furniture during trips and you would get the same answer every time – collapsible chairs. These chairs are sturdy enough to hold the weight of an average-sized person, but it is constructed in such a way that it can be folded up into a small bundle. This is great for taking along on trips because you can get a good seating space without having to manage the bulk of a rigid chair.

4. Carry Your Air Mattress for Comfortable Sleeping

Air Mattress for Comfortable Sleeping

The air mattress has provided a space saving solution that goes beyond beds. This technology has been used for chairs, sofas and other furniture where you simply fill up the material with air (using a blower) and voila – you have a sturdy place to lie down or just relax. When you are done using it, you can deflate it and the entire thing can be rolled into a small bundle that can be stored in a small space. It is light enough to be carried around in your backpack.

5. Keep Your Stuff at One Place with a Bedside Caddy

Bedside Caddy

The bedside caddy may appear to be a simple storage unit, but if you consider the extent of its application, then it would be easy to understand the versatility of this humble product. You can store anything from books and magazines to remote control units and mobile phones. The best part about this caddy is that you can hang it pretty much anywhere as it is not confined to your bedside. During a trip, you can organize all of your reading material, important documents and electronic gadgets in this amazing storage unit.

6. Roll Out Awnings Eliminate the Need to Store the Awning in the Caravan


Rollout Caravan awnings are great for using awnings but without having to store them inside the caravan itself. These are attached to the side portion and you just have to roll them out whenever you need them, and the entire structure can be fixed by using the support arms. Other annexes and awnings require you to disassemble them and store them inside the caravan, and this consumes a lot of space. It is also tedious to assemble and disassemble them every time you need some extra space when the vehicle is parked. So the rollout awnings come as a life saver where you not only minimize storage space, but you also increase your personal living space.

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