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6 Tips to Stay Alert While Driving on a Camping Trip

September 4th, 2019 in Tips by

Staying alert while driving is one of the biggest skills as well as a challenge for drivers. Beyond a point, driving on a highway becomes a matter of awareness and attentiveness rather than shifting gears, maintaining speed and controlling the torque. Thousands of accidents occur each year due to drowsy driving. Driving on a camping trip with family or friends is fun, but it is equally important to stay alert throughout the drive. 

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We have jotted some useful tips to stay alert while you are driving on a camping trip. Read on to be safe and to enjoy your camping trip. 

Don’t rush

Rushing is one of the reasons we lose wariness while driving. The best way to avoid rushing is by making a schedule and sticking to it. A schedule should be realistic and not a rush in itself. If the camping drive is 16 hours, do not try to squeeze it. Leave on time so that you do stick to the time scheduled to reach your destination. 

Take rest before you hit the road

Long camping drives could make you weary and that’s when the drowsiness seeps in. To avoid the exhaustion on a camping trip, make sure you take all the rest you need before you hit the road. In case you plan to leave early in the morning, do your packing well before. Do not pack at the last moment, it might not give you enough time to have a good night’s sleep. 


If you are not the only driver on the camping trip, it’s a great thing, but if you are the only one, you need to break from the driving once you touch your exhaustion limit. You should not push your limits to rush or even to maintain the milestones. If you get exhausted just throw in the towel and take a break. 

Watch the signals

When we come close to our tiring limits, our bodies give out signals. Blinking, frequent yawning, heavy eyes, each one us respond in a different way. Every one of us knows our own signals and the moment such signals start to appear; we should consider them as the first sign of warning. Do not ignore these bodily signals as they save you from a mishap. 

Work out

Working out can be the best option to stay alert. It increases the blood flow in the body and breaks the monotony of driving. Pullover to a safe spot where you can park your caravan for a while, get down of the driver’s seat, and do some jumping and stretching exercises. Working out kicks in like anything and soon after, you would feel refreshed and ready to move ahead. 

Take a nap

Taking a nap is highly recommended when drivers start feeling drowsy while driving. You should pull over to a safe spot and take a nap in case nothing seems to work while driving on a camping trip. Napping gives you a renewed freshness and takes away the drowsiness completely. Make sure you don’t park your caravan on a narrow road with heavy traffic. In case you decide to nap when it is dark, place the warning triangle/safety reflector on the roadside in the night which would help the passersby to avoid a collision. 

 Staying alert is the key to good driving as reaching the destination in best condition is as important as reaching well in time. Make sure you follow these tips to stay alert while you are driving on a camping trip. Stay alert, stay safe. 

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