9 Caravan Decorating Ideas

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How to decorate your caravan? Whether you have bought a new caravan or are just bored with your old new, our fabulous caravan renovation ideas are here to help you. It is your mobile home and it should reflect a part of your lifestyle. After all, you are the master of your living space. By decorating your caravan’s interiors, the least you could expect is that it would cheer you up on a gloomy day and save you from feeling excessively home-sick.

caravan decorating ideas

Here are 9 caravan interiors ideas that would help you to brighten up your caravans and breathe some life into your personal space.

1. Go Vintage

Vintage Caravan

Whenever you think about caravan decor and renovations, the first thought that probably comes to your mind is to go retro. Now the retro theme is a popular and redundant theme, but sticking to the styling of the 1950s is a bit generic, don’t you think? Look beyond the generic constraints and come up with fresh ideas, even if you want to stick to vintage decor. There are so many vintage items (such as fabrics, frames, etc.) that you could add for giving the place a good ambiance.

2. Add Some Books

Add Some Books in Caravans

This may not be the “ideal” decorative item in anyone’s list, but trust me, these add a lot of vibe to your caravan’s interiors. If you think this is a bit far-fetched, just take a good look at your house the next time you go back from work, and you would find books there. Books can be an interesting addition not only because they add a certain appeal to the interiors, but books, in general, are enjoyable during journeys.

3. Go Minimalistic

Decorating a caravan’s interiors does not necessarily mean adding stuff and going over the top with your creativity. Sometimes, it can also mean removing things and going minimalistic to enjoy the sense of space that is only brought about by keeping minimal items. The best way to do this is to use inflatable furniture and use items that be stacked up together so as to minimize the need for excessive storage space. You should definitely try this out at least once and explore the options of going minimalistic.

4. Make the Floor Attractive

Make the Caravan Floor Attractive

I am not sure why people often choose to overlook the fact that the floor of the caravan can be an important part of the interior decor. Even though you could end up spending a lot of time outside the caravan, you should definitely consider putting a good flooring. Before you consider your options, make sure that the material that you select is easy enough to clean and can withstand regular usage. Lino tiles are ideal and easy enough to keep clean. Since the caravan does not have a lot of floor space, your investments would not be quite a lot. During cold weather, you could add rugs to the floor to get some warmth.

5. Use the Celling to Hang Stuff

Celling to Hang Stuff

Have you ever considered the fact that you could make a lot of use of the caravan’s ceiling? You could hang stuff from it and also fix jars from the roof. This can be done by screwing the caps to the ceiling and then screwing on the jars after filling them with small items. You could come up with several ways of utilizing the ceiling such as hanging bags for storing items of daily usage and for hanging decorative components such as chimes.

6. Install Furniture with Hidden Spaces to Optimize Storage

Install Furniture with Hidden Spaces

If you have to install furniture such as couches or beds, then make sure you get the ones that have hidden space or open out into larger units. This will not only help you to optimize storage space, but it will also give you adequate scope to place them in different positions such that the entire appeal of the place is heightened.

7. Put Up A Pin Board for Pinning Photographs

Pin Board for Pinning Photographs

I know that we all have digital cameras and smartphones where we can store our photos and videos on small memory cards. But have you thought about going back to the basics where memorable moments were captured with the help of film-based cameras? The fact that you can hold a photo and recollect the fond memories of the time when the picture was clicked, can be quite nostalgic.

You could take out pictures from a printer, but there is something special about taking a pic from a Polaroid camera. Install a pinboard to one of the walls of the caravan’s interior and pin photographs, handwritten notes, and just about anything. Let this be your personal memorabilia marking space.

8. Use Bold Colours for Painting / Repainting the Walls

Use Bold Colours for Painting Walls

Caravan walls do not have to follow a particular color scheme. Go wild and be bold with the usage of colors. If you are a party animal and really want to give an edge to your interiors, then use spray paints, glow-in-the-dark paints, and stencils to come up with some really unconventional painting textures and designs. Let your creative juices flow and involve your friends and family. Who knows what you could come up with?

9. Change the Fabric as Per Your Preferences

The fabrics used for the furniture and other decorations can have an impact on the visual appeal. You could change it to suit your mood or your preferences. Select simple yet rustic fabrics to give a vintage feel to the place. Select creative fabrics if you intend to make an outstanding impression and you plan on spending more time inside the caravan than outside.

There are countless options for fabrics that may be chosen. The best way to select one is to find out the ease with which they can be cleaned and maintained. After all, no one wants to spend their holiday cleaning up stuff.

I think now you have the answer to how to decorate your caravan, share the best option you liked in the comments section below.


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