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9 Handpicked Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Camping Mums

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Coming Sunday is one of the greatest homages paid—a tribute to Mothers, universally known as Mother’s Day. Motherhood is a thankless job but it is only the motherly emotions that make a woman confer the unconditional love on her kids.


What could be a better occasion than mother’s day to express your love for your mother? We have handpicked some amazing mother’s day gift ideas for all the mums who love camping.


  1. Coffee Flask Mug– Ask your mum what kept her awake long nights when you weren’t well and most likely the answer you’ll get is caffeine. Yes, coffee helped her to endure the sleepless nights and that makes a coffee flask mug the first choice to gift your mum for her adventurous camping trips. A coffee flask mug insulates the coffee or any other hot beverage and keeps the temperature intact.



  1. Folding Hammock– Save your mum from all the hassle of tying and untying hammock strings on the trunk or worse searching a tree to tie the hammock on her camping trip. Gift her a folding hammock which has table-like legs to support, is completely foldable and equally easy to carry.

Folding Hammock


  1. Smart Band– Mothers have always been after our health and they would always be. Why not gift your camping mum something for her good health this Mother’s Day? A smart band would be just the right pick, it would help her track her physical activities, sleep trends, heart rate, calories burned and much more.


Smart Band

  1. Bluetooth Speakers– Probably a while ago you were after her to buy you a speaker but now times have changed. She might not be an avid music lover but she does sometimes get bored on her camping trip. Listening to her favourite songs on a Bluetooth speaker would cheer her up while cooking a meal in the outback or simply relaxing on the foldable hammock.

Bluetooth Speakers


  1. National Park Map– Even if your mum is a camping enthusiast or she has just started with camping, a national park map would help her a lot. Ask her where and when she plans her next camping trip after you gift you this and you would get to hear an awesome grand plan.

National Park Map



  1. Swissknife– Mums have a habit of carrying everything especially on a camping trip, right from scissors to kitchen knives, and carrying so much stuff needs a great memory to spot the right thing at the right time. A swiss knife would save a lot of hassle for her as you can get a large blade, a small blade, scissors, a corkscrew, a chisel and much more in just one foldable tool.




  1. Hiking Shoes– All you need to tread on a camping trip with a treacherous terrain or even a plain ground are a pair of hiking shoes. Hiking shoes give a firm grip on the ground with a comfortable inner lining. This mother’s day gifts a pair of hiking shoes to your mum and make her strides smoother than ever.

Hiking Shoes



  1. USB Camping Stove– Your mum may be the adventurous one or maybe she hates improvisation, well, in whichever category she falls, she would love a USB camping stove. A USB camping stove which is much less on features than the regular-sized camping stove would suffice her adventurous side and the hassle-free ignition using a USB cable connected to her phone would do away with the improvisation.

USB Camping Stove


  1. Portable Foldable Kitchen– Yup, finally here is something that your mum always wanted for a camping trip—a portable foldable kitchen, but probably it was in her mind only. You cannot drift mum and her kitchen apart, so gift her a portable foldable kitchen that would make her feel a little less away from home.

Portable Foldable Kitchen


We hope your mum would love whatever you gift from all the above ideas.

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