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A Guide to 4WD Driving Lights: For A Safe Camping Trip

January 12th, 2022 in Tips by

Heading out for camping in 4WD is adventurous, fun, exciting, and everything your inner camper wishes to experience.

But at the same time, it is risky, especially when the sun goes down, as there would not be much visibility like in the daytime.

You must be wondering that your vehicle has lights and there would be street lights too on the way, but this is not enough!

4WD Driving Lights

You need to attach additional driving lights to your vehicle.

Why Do You Need The 4WD Driving Lights?

Though your vehicle has lights, regular 4WD lights do not offer enough visibility when driving off-road at night or in fog & mist. And not everywhere street lights are present.

Attaching additional driving lights to your vehicle increases visibility & peripheral vision, which navigates you the way ahead to your destination through rough terrains at night and in bad weather conditions.

Not just this, when it’s close to your sleep time, your eyes often feel strained and are unable to look out for details on the route like normally they do in the daylight. Additional driving lights help you out and make the journey safer by reducing fatigue.

Due to increased visibility, these lights help you quickly steer away from the road hazards like local wildlife that might land you up in unforeseen accidents.

What Type Of Lights Are There?

4WD driving lights are continuously evolving with technology. But primarily, these fall into two categories, light bars, and spotlights.

4WD spotlights are round-shaped lights that keep the track ahead illuminated even in the fog & mist. These are generally available with halogen, LED, or laser and LED hybrid. 4WD spotlights can even be used as camping lights at night.

On the other hand, a light bar is a long, narrow rectangular-shaped light mounted on the vehicle. It comes with LED lights that provide wider, clearer, and brighter vision and consumes less energy than traditional driving lights.

Which Size Should You Buy?

Based on your needs, budget and vehicle, choose the light for your 4WD. And when it comes to size, it entirely depends on the model of your vehicle. Before you buy, look closely at the size specifications, installation guide, electrical requirements, and whether the mounting accessories are there or not.

How To Install?

Here is how to install the 4WD driving lights.

  • Start with mounting your light at a sturdy location on your vehicle.
  • Safety is paramount. So, before moving further, disconnect the battery of your vehicle.
  • Using an adhesive, double-sided tape, or screw, place the relay close to the battery and fuse in the engine bay.
  • Run a ground wire from the relay to the bolt-on chassis or, let’s say, earthing point.
  • Make sure the fuse is placed in a fuse holder. Run a wire from the positive point of the relay to the fuse holder and further to the battery’s positive terminal.
  • Then, run another wire from the relay to the positive terminal of the driving lights and one from the relay to the switch.
  • Drill holes on the vehicle where you will mount the lights and the dashboard for the switch.
  • Slide in the switch through the hole in the dashboard.
  • Run a ground wire from the switch to the earthing point as you did for the relay.
  • Place a fuse box in the cabin on your vehicle at the driver’s side.
  • And then run a wire from the switch to the power source.
  • See if the lights are working properly and adjust them.

How To Maintain These Lights?

To prevent failure of your 4WD driving lights, make sure they are wired and installed properly. Also, clean them regularly to keep dirt, moisture, and other damaging materials away.

Bonus Tips

  • While buying 4WD driving lights, make sure they have an Ingress Protection Rating of at least IP67. It refers to the protection level of an item against solids like dust, sand, dirt, etc., and liquid.
  • Get your driving lights installed by a professional.
  • Additional lights help you reach your destination safely when driving off-road.


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