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Accessories for Caravans that you Should not Forget on Your Trip

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In the excitement of exploring the exotic beauty of Australia, experiencing amazing adventures, capturing scenic views, spending time with family and friends in nature, having fun around the bonfire at night, cooking some delicious food at the campsite, playing some games with your kids, relaxing while feeling the cool breeze, and all other fun of the trip, you might miss on some of your stuff, even overlook your caravan.

The caravan is going to be your home away from home. So it must be well equipped to have a convenient, comfortable, and safe trip. To ease you from the search of accessories that would be helpful, we have listed them for you below. Let’s look at what those are:

Accessories for Caravans - Xtend Outdoors

Caravan Accessories

Towing Mirrors

Driving becomes difficult when towing a large caravan, as you need to constantly look at the vehicle behind the caravan. And relying on the vehicle’s side mirrors or lurking behind for taking turns or changing lanes is extremely risky as neither you will be able to see what is behind nor the vehicle’s mirrors provide the broader view. So for safe towing, install towing mirrors as they increase the view behind your caravan, enabling you to easily see what is coming while driving.

Caravan Awning

An awning is an amazing addition to the caravan. While on holiday, if space is not enough for sleeping, relaxing, or for kids to play, an awning comes to your rescue. It expands the living space and also provides protection from the weather. You can choose the one that suits your caravan from the wide variety of Xtend Outdoors Caravan Awnings. Each awning is lightweight, made from sturdy materials, and will not take much time to set up.

Fire Extinguisher

Due to the wiring mistake, short circuit, or any fault in the caravan or at the campsite, fire can erupt anytime, or items can catch fire. Even while cooking, there are chances of some pan fires. It is better to be on the safer side and install a fire extinguisher in your caravan.

Tool Kit

What if something in the vehicle or caravan loses or breaks down in the middle of the road or at the campsite? Who is going to go in search of a mechanic or to buy some tools for repairing? Instead, by taking a simple toolkit, you on your own can repair the minor issues. Some common inclusions of the kit are wrench, screwdriver, duct tape, hammer, spanners, cable ties, tyre repair kit, socket set, spare screws.

Reversing Cameras

Reversing a caravan is hard and even exhausting. Traditionally, for parking the caravan at the right spot, the person along with us goes out and assists in reversing. But the reversing becomes impossible when you are unable to understand the directions. With reversing cameras fitted on the tow vehicle, you get the view of the back instantly, and the reversing is easily done in a minute.


When the caravan is equipped with these accessories, it is sure to have a fun-filled caravanning experience without a hitch. Now it is upon you if you wish to have one or not.



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