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“Caravan” is an ancient term that coined from a big group of people across the African and Asian region. These people were believed to walk and cover miles on foot. To make sure that they have all the necessary supplies to thrive in forests and deserts, these people used to carry all routine essentials with them.

A modern Caravan or RV is a similar vehicle without essentially having an engine of itself but mostly towed behind a road vehicle. It is like a motorhome with fitted accommodation and cooking equipment. A caravan covers all your basic needs while embarking for a camping trip, enhancing your camping travel experience multifold.

How to Level Your Caravan

Here’s a caravan guide that will help you to know all about Caravanning and the accessories that are best to buy:

What do you need to know about caravanning?

Caravan travelling is a perfect activity to spend fun time with your family and friends. While planning for a Caravanning trip the answer, you must know about the questions are:

  • which season is best
  • which places to visit
  • which places are best to visit at this time of year
  • what to carry on a caravanning trip
  • how to make more space
  • how and why people enjoy caravanning trips so much

In this article, we are going to answer all of these questions in many different ways. So keep on reading till the end.

A Beginners Guide to Caravanning

Sorry to break this to you but the hard truth about caravanning is that caravanning for beginners is exciting but difficult. We have curated a list of some most common questions that will help you a lot if you are just a beginner and it’s your day zero to camping.

Part 1: What to Carry

Que. What do I need for my first caravan trip?

Ans. Planning for your first caravan trip may seem just like packing for a simple vacation, but on a caravan trip, you need to carry caravan tools with you. You should plan your trip in advance. Arrange a list of towing services on the way so you can quickly contact them in case a need arises. Make a list of all the places you can visit or rest. On your first caravan trip, you must also carry a few items, such as:ol>

  • Fire extinguisher
  • RV coolant
  • Extra RV batteries
  • Sleeping bags
  • Toolkit
  • Shovels, clamps and poles
  • Extra storage spaces like awnings and annexes

Que. Is towing a caravan difficult?

Ans. Depends on how you plan to tow it! If you have a caravan that needs an additional vehicle to carry it, then it is highly recommended that you assess the weight and load-bearing capacity of both the caravan and the vehicle that you plan to use for towing. You can fasten both with a locking nut and bolt system that will make sure the safety of the link between the two.

Que. What do I need to put in my caravan? (A Complete caravan set up checklist)

Ans. We suggest you can carry a lot of items to put in your caravan.

  • Batteries
  • Chargers
  • Cutleries
  • Groceries
  • Tables and chairs
  • Warm blanket, pillows and sleeping bags
  • Toiletries
  • Sanitisers
  • Towels
  • Empty bags and pouches
  • First aid kit
  • Extension cords
  • Dustbins
  • Torch
  • Sporting gears
  • Indoor sports
  • Extra blanket
  • Picnics
  • And anything else that you regularly need at home

Que. What equipment does a touring caravan need?

Ans. There are many types of equipment that come handy while travelling for a smooth and luxurious trip with your loved ones. You should carry both indoor and outdoor essentials such as:

  • Indoor equipment: Gas Kettle, Water Containers, Gas Bottles, Barbecue, Essential Toilet Items and other handy kits and tools
  • Outdoor equipment: Awnings, Rugs, Lightweight Chairs And Stools, Static Motorhome Step and utility items according to your comfort needs

Part 2: How to prepare

Que. What do I need for caravanning?

Ans. You need to make sure to have a valid license for both your vehicle and towing a caravan behind it. Without a license, you may attract some serious trouble to yourself. You will also need intercity and interstate permit for caravanning. Carrying some cash is also very helpful as you may often travel through highways and the ATMs are not filled quite regularly.

Que. What do I need for a caravan holiday list?

Ans. A caravanning holiday is very different from any usual holiday trip. It requires packing a lot of extra items. Even the best size is incomplete without preparing for a full-fledged holiday list.

To ensure a fully-prepared caravanning holiday, you should pack these things before hitting the road: 

You can prepare your checklist category wise. 

  • Kitchen: Pack extra plates, knives, serving ware, pots, and express maker
  • Medical: Personal and emergency medicines with extra pair
  • Bedding: Sleeping bags, portable bunk beds, cushions and bedsheets
  • Toilet:  Hand wash and sanitisers, chemicals, cleaners
  • Caravan equipment: Battery, awnings, caravan covers and step
  • Entertainment: Card games, sports equipment
  • Additional: LED Flashlights, extra cords, glue, etc

Que. How to set up caravan?

Ans. Setting up a caravan is a very easy 3 step process. The difficult part is the labour needed in doing the steps. Steps to set up the caravan on site: 

  • Identify the proper space and park your Caravan
  • Level your caravan and unhook from any other towing vehicle
  • Connect utility supplies and facilities like electricity, gas, water, and toilet to your caravan

Caravanning essentials

For a carefree caravanning experience, there are popular caravan brands that supply caravan products. These items help you in different ways once you reach your caravanning site. 

  • Awnings: They can be fixed in the ground and protect you from weather elements like heat and rain
  • Annexes: Designed for providing you with a room for doing your favourite tasks in a hassle-free manner
  • Carpets: Beneficial for offering a stabilised structure to your caravan
  • Shades: Overnight camping is incomplete without shades

Caravan tips and tricks

Some caravan tips and tricks to bear in mind are: 

  • Carry divider walls for dividing space inside your annexe.  
  • If you are travelling with your pet, then carry pet enclosures with you. 
  • Bring along slide-on bag sealers for storing multiple things. 
  • Include gas bottle cover for securing it from weather elements. 
  • Buy foldable pop-up laundry baskets before caravanning. 
  • Carry compact water carriers for filling your aqua guard. 

Popular caravan products and accessories

Annexes for Caravan and Motorhome

Caravan Annexes - Xtend 0utdoors

What is an annexe?

The most frequently asked question is, what is an annexe? An annexe is designed to provide an extension in your caravan. They can be installed in the fly screen, full walls, doors and windows. 

Benefits of Having an Annexe

Annexes offer you privacy to relax in your space. They allow you to spend quality time in the fresh air. You don’t have to worry about sudden weather changes as they are durable enough to protect you. They can be attached with awnings for additional space. 

How to choose Right Caravan Annexe?

It is important to ask yourself what I should look for when buying a caravan annexe. First of all, decide whether you want porch rooms or extra rooms. It is recommended to buy the one with flared walls for enhanced protection. Also, buy the one with zips so that you can assemble the annexe easily. 

How to set up caravan annexe step by step?

One of the convenient ways to Setup an Annexe is to:

  • Initially open and stretch up the annexe.
  • Roll out the fabric of your caravan annexe.
  • Make sure to layout the walls before installation.
  • Ensure to fit the poles properly. 
  • Your annexe can now be attached to your awning for use.  

Buying Guide: Which Annexe is Right For You

While purchasing a caravan annexe, you should be mindful of the following factors: 

  • Right material: It is important to choose between canvas and vinyl material. Canvas material allows you to breathe comfortably as compared to vinyl. But vinyl material is lighter than canvas. As a buyer, you should go for an annexe with top material made of canvas and bottom made with vinyl. 
  • Pattern and Colour:  You can choose between the striped or plain design of your caravan annexe according to your taste. 
  • Layout: It includes factors like annexe with internal walls, number of rooms, doors and windows. It is better to purchase an annexe with flared walls for improved space and protection. 
  • Shade walls: You should consider buying a product that protects you from UV rays. Consider purchasing an annexe with a high sun protection aspect. 

Awnings for Caravan and Motorhome

Caravan Awning - Xtend Outdoors

What is caravan Awning?

A caravan awning is an extended form of shading system. There are popular caravan awnings with extra rooms, providing a wide area for your individual requirements. 

Popular Caravan Awnings

A caravan awning is essential for many caravan and motorhome enthusiasts. Finding the best caravan awning for your needs can be tricky, especially when you have a lot of options. It becomes difficult to decide the one awning for your caravan that would suffice all your requirements while being within your budget. Let’s start by exploring the different types of awnings on the market.

  • Roll Out Awnings
  • Wind out awnings
  • Wind Up Camper Awnings
  • Electric Awnings

How to install caravan awning?

You can roll out and wind your caravan awning out. For this, you need to follow these steps: 

  • Slide awning in awning trail of the caravan.
  • Place the awning legs vertically.
  • Fix the top and bottom brackets (both sides) of the awning. 
  • Remove the travel pins from both sides. 
  • Extend your caravan awning properly. 
  • Take measurements and levelling, set screws on the awning hardware. 
  • Your awning is now ready to use. 

How to choose the most appropriate awning for your caravan?

After figuring out how big should an awning be, the next step is to focus on its material. Choose canvas material for sun rays protection. Mesh fabric is perfect for enjoying the scenery outside. Acrylic fabric is less transparent than mesh but allows sunlight to enter. You can choose it if you want something stylish. How big should an awning be?

How to put up caravan awning

The simple tips to how to put up caravan annexe on site are:

  • Undo the travel locks from both ends.
  • Undo the plastic hatch and pull out the awning roller. 
  • Once the awning is extended, fix the support arms up. 
  • Put both the legs up and lock them.  
  • Lock the support arms off from both ends. 
  • Your awning is now rolled out. 

How to put down the caravan awning

To close your caravan awning, follow these simple steps:

  • Take both front and rear outside arms and bring awning down. 
  • Loosen tensioning knob to slide off both front and rear support arms. 
  • Slide off your awning smoothly. 
  • Close your travel locks now.  

Caravan awning maintenance

Once you have figured out how to choose a caravan awning, you also need to know how you can maintain it. To keep your caravan awning long-lasting, you should wash off the fabric with water once a month. Once it is dry completely, then only close it. 

Remember to not use any harsh detergents while cleaning. Keep a kit handy in your caravan for effective maintenance. 

Caravan awning repair kit

Having awning repair kit ensures instant action on any piece or equipment. This kit is useful in cleaning flat surfaces of your caravan—the repair kit comes with repair adhesive, tape, wipes and gloves for easy and reliable repairs. 

How to remove stains from vinyl awnings

You can use cleaning solutions to clean stains from your vinyl fabric awning.  This solution contains bleach, soap and water to hose off the awning. It is necessary to let it dry fully before using it again. 

How to secure a caravan awning

A caravan awning has the risk of bending or blowing off due to stormy weather. When you are camping in windy locations, remember to carry ratchet straps to hold your awning against the wind. 

You can also use de-flappers to place the awning tight. Other than this, you should pitch the poles tightly. A 45-degree angle offers maximum resistance. 

Best way to stop caravan awning from flapping

To prevent flapping of caravan awnings, make sure to carefully set the awning rolling correctly. It is better to use anti flap kit to stop strong wind damaging your roller bar. Fix the awning properly in the ground for firm support. 

What awning does my caravan need?

A perfect caravan awning depends on two things: measurement and material. Analyse your requirements properly to choose between canvas, vinyl or mesh fabric material. Take and note down measurements correctly before buying a caravan awning. 

How do you measure a caravan awning?

You can use a string for measurement. But how to use it to measure a caravan awning? Here’s how you can do so: 

  • Place the string on the position where awning channel meets the ground. 
  • Stretch it to another adjacent side. 
  • This length is the actual size of your caravan awning in centimetres. 
  • Make sure that the caravan is placed on the even ground.  

Does a caravan awning need to be exact?

As far as the measurements are concerned, it is recommended to have the exact measurement size of the full caravan awnings. But there can be little adjustments in the fit, as companies offer a wide variety of size in their products. 

What’s the best caravan awning to buy?

Xtend outdoors is one of the most popular caravan brands that deal in awnings, in different materials and designs. They offer vinyl awnings, wind up camper awnings, roll out awnings, and electric awnings. 

You can also buy an awning repair kit from here. Get a caravan awning price guide by requesting a quote on their website. 

What type of awning is best?

There are mainly two types of caravan awnings available in the market

  1. Static awnings: They are permanently fixed to offer protection against weather throughout the year. You can choose to install them for decks or patio at your home.  
  2. Retractable awnings: You can use these temporary awnings for extending your outdoor space. Can be mounted to both wall and roof, one may use it to beat harsh weather.

So, which are the best caravan awnings for your abode? Choose wisely. 

How do I know what size awning I need?

To purchase an exact awning for your caravan, you need a perfect awning size. The calculator suggests you measure from the point where awning rail meets the ground, and again back to the ground. This length is taken in centimetres.  

What is the best size caravan to buy?

The size of an awning depends on the measurement of the caravan awning rail from the ground. This length is in centimetres. The size 9 caravan awning is a common size that fits into 850-875cm long caravan awning size.  

Best Caravan Spots in Australia

New South Wales


Known for its family-friendly accommodation, Blue Dolphin Holiday resort lets you enjoy in their in-house caravan and camping sites. All their sites are well-equipped with camp kitchen facilities. Plan a weekend getaway for fun activities in their picnic areas and pools. 


First Sun Holiday Park is dedicated to camping and caravanning lovers. They offer lush green surrounds, picnic spots and cooking facilities. You can enjoy trekking and campaigning activities along with taking water rides in their 15 waterfront powered sites. 

Western Australia


Located opposite the beautiful Esperance Bay, Esperance Seafront Caravan Park consists of 170 sites surrounded by national parks. They have powered camping sites with the view of pristine beaches. It is the perfect escape to enjoy both caravanning and water-related activities. 


Famous for dolphin encounters, Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort has more than 120 caravan and camping sites. You can plan a luxurious time with your family in their beachfront family villas. Plus, they have both powered and unpowered camping sites. 



Located in Cairns city, Cairns Coconut Holiday Resort provides you with a lavish stay where you can play sports and enjoy on-site water games. Each of their accommodation is inclusive of a private balcony, free parking, flat-screen TV and an air conditioner. Spend a luxurious vacation here. 


Dalrymple Tourist Van Park offers you camping cabins with a pet-friendly facility. You can relish a wide range of meals that can be customised to your requirements. Plan a relaxing holiday and explore their toasty campfire, herb gardens, and resort-style pool. 

Northern Territory


To make you experience a quintessential camping experience, Kakadu Caravan Park has 200 unpowered camping areas surrounded by lush greenery. Have a pleasant stay with their family cabins, clean amenities and barbecue facilities. 


Surrounded by Rum Jungle, Batchelor Resort gives you a comfortable stay along with discovering nature’s beauty. The resort has powered sites, family cabins and tent sites for camping. Plus, you get to explore historical sites and natural grandeur of Litchfield National Park. 



Best Friend Holiday Retreat is an award-winning park that offers you both affordable and luxurious cabins. Their park is pet-friendly, and their camping and caravan sites are fenced properly—a perfect holiday resort with a fantastic garden and rainforest views. 


Angelesa Beachfront Caravan Park is an ideal destination to experience an adventurous camping trip with your family. You can book their bush camping sites, vents, tents suited to individual needs. Situated near the coastline, you can enjoy soothing waves and fresh ocean air. 

South Australia


Arkaroola Tourist Resort attempts to provide you bush camping, unpowered caravan sites, bunkhouse and cabins on its premises. For camping, they offer camp kitchen and laundry facilities. All you need to do is to book your favourite camping option in advance to enjoy a hassle-free stay. 


Tanunda Caravan and Tourist Park consist of both powered and unpowered camping sites. You can relish a real camping experience here as they offer a camp kitchen and BBQ facility. They have pet-friendly cabins along with beautiful swimming pools to refresh your body and soul.  

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