Awesome Ways to Have a Staycation

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Somethings evolve with contemporary pop-cultural practices. Such things are new and pick trend after a particular event, like- Selfies. Selfies—although was a known practice, it got the popularity what it has today after events like, the group selfie of actors in the 86th Academy award ceremony in the year 2014.

Staycation is one such another activity, that was a result of the pop culture and gained popularity in the late 2010s. A portmanteau, a staycation is stay + vacation, also known by another portmanteau ‘holiday’ (holiday + stay), is a concept where an individual or a family stay at their home and enjoy amusement activities. Staycation or holiday became popular in the US during the financial meltdown of the US economy which started in 2007 and a similar wave followed in the UK in the year 2009 which was apparently the spreading effects of the same economic crisis which made United Kingdom’s currency weak. People started spending vacations at their homes, enjoying cheaper options and saving on holiday expenses.

Although the onset was due to an unfortunate occurrence, staycations have become a worldwide popular leisure activity now.

Here are some amazing staycation ideas for a group or a family that could be really awesome.

Movie Binge– A family that watches movies together stays together. Watching movies could an amazing staycation idea for your family. Although doing only one activity throughout the vacation would not be recommended, it is an awesome experience of binging on movies for a day. If could get a projector and some big speakers, you could make it an outdoor activity.

Yoga– Well, don’t skip reading the suggestion at least. We aren’t asking you to work out on a vacation, of course, you should binge on other desirable things on a vacation but a yoga session could actually overhaul your soul, mind and muscles.

Beaching– Well, obviously, this is viable for the people who live in coastal areas only, cause if you plan to travel to a beach it might cost you and the whole point of staycation would be lost. Although, it completely depends on how far you stay on a beach, if you stay not too far from a beach, beaching could be a refreshing activity. And you know what all can you do in the open area- frisbees, volleyball, sunbathing and the list goes long.

Backyard Camping– The only difference between a full-blown camping and backyard camping is just one—you don’t have a camper in backyard camping, everything else remains the same. Use everything you take along on a camping trip and you won’t miss the outbacks.

Staycation would be a great experience if you know how to have a staycation and that is only possible if you remember to unplug yourself from all the homely pleasures like TV, internet, cell phones, stove-cooked food and everything else that makes you comfortable.

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