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Trusted Suppliers for Caravan Awnings in Melbourne

As caravanning is gaining popularity across Australia, foldable and easily manageable awnings are also being preferred by all nowadays for trips and camping. This inflates to give you extra space for dining, entertaining, storing kits or sleeping. However, finding right caravan awnings could be tedious as there are plenty of suppliers both online and offline. one has to decide crucially right before investing by understanding the need, budget and size of his caravan.

Xtend outdoors is one step solution if you are residing in any parts of Melbourne. We are counted among the trusted supplier of Australia for their commendable services and unparallel quality of products. We also assist you to give a clear picture of your best-fitted awnings. So, if you are looking for caravan awnings at Melbourne, we are just a phone call away.

Factors to be considered while purchasing an awning:

There are several factors that one has to keep in mind while purchasing an outdoor awning in Melbourne. However, some of the important points are listed as follows:

  • Types of awnings: There are huge variety and types of awnings in the market. The awnings come with the difference in Fabric as well. Hence, one has to be aware of the types of awnings available in the market along with their fabric quality. Even, one can customize their awnings with the specific choice of fabric, budget and size of the caravan.
  • Warranty period: Most of the customers look for the extensive warranty period. Xtend outdoors offers basic 3 years of warranty in most of their products. This warranty could be extended by the customer afterwards with a nominal charge. Likewise, while purchasing you should have a clear picture of terms and conditions for warranty period provided by your supplier.
  • Seasons for buying awnings: Caravan awnings for sale in Melbourne is a common phenomenon, and with growing need, most the suppliers usually offer awnings for sale at most of the time of the year. The price drops down slightly or extensively during the season of sale.
  • Post Purchase service: Xtend outdoors is gaining its popularity for it’s after sale service. We are easily accessible and reachable not only in Melbourne but in many parts of Australia. To gain utmost customer satisfaction, we provide caravan awning installation in Melbourne promptly just a few hours after its delivery.