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Pick the best bed surround for camping

Camping has always been fun for both adults and kids. But the interest and the enthusiasm increase when you are given the opportunity to stargaze while you stop over for a night-time beak during the journey. Certainly, sleeping inside the van is not an option. This is when the bed surrounds come handy. However, do not go by everything that is available in the market. Look for brands that can give you the best quality at an affordable rate. Also, ask yourself these questions when you plan to buy a bed surround for your camping van:

How many people should it accommodate: If it is a family outing, you will have your extended family with you. Will you be sleeping together or do you plan to divide the space? The size of the bed surround will depend on that.

How sturdy it is: Be it rain or storm, the surround should be able to protect you and your family. Also, ensure that the material is of good quality so that the temperature inside the surround is neither too hot nor too cold. The top cover should also be able to cancel the noise from the rain so that you can get sound sleep.

How convenient it is to store: Ensure that it is easy to roll out of the bag and can be easily set with poles, ropes and pegs. If need be asking or a demonstration from the supplier.

Will it give me extra protection: For that, it is best to opt for expandable bed surround that is attached to the van. Ensure that the canvas is of top quality and provides you with that extra privacy and protection that you deserve. They can easily be fitted and are also great with storage space.

What is the cost: We suggest, do not go by the cost even if it is one of the important factors. It really does not matter if quality and comfort are what you are looking for. However, these are not as expensive and can start from $300 to $400. Some of the retailers also allow part payment or instalments to make it more cost-effective.

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