Accommodation tends to be a problem when you are on a vacation. Not only do you have to keep up with overbooked accommodation, but you also have to manage he costs that are often charged for them. But despite such accommodation being available, you just cannot get the comfort, personal space and privacy that you are accustomed to in your home. This is the reason behind people considering the use of RVs such as caravans and motorhomes.

But before you invest in an RV, you need to understand the difference between a motorhome and a caravan as they have some distinct features and you should evaluate them to find the one that suits your needs perfectly. You should definitely check your family size, travel requirements, holiday frequency and your budget before you invest in a caravan or a motorhome.

Difference Between a Caravan And a Motorhome

Overall Design

The design is the main difference between the two. While the motorhome is a readymade personal space (with all the comforts of home) attached to the vehicle, the caravan is an independent housing structure that needs to be towed by a second vehicle.

Duration of Usage

Caravans are good options for short stays and can be rented from rental services as and when required. These have to be set up wherever you plan on parking and camping for your stay, so be prepared for some manual work. You could go for an electrically operated version but even then there are some manual tasks such as levelling and stabilizing that you have to do the old fashioned way.

Motorhomes are good for long holidays where you would want to park up your vehicle anywhere without having to erect your portable home every time you stop. And the best part about motorhomes is that the family members can relax in a homely environment even when the entire contraption is being driven around.


Caravans have to be considered on the basis of their size and weight as they have to be towed around so the towing vehicle should be capable of doing this. Moreover, the manoeuvrability of caravans is difficult owning to the separate housing structure.

Motorhomes, however, have the housing structure attached to the vehicle so it offers a world of convenience to the users. But be advised that the attached motor component in a motorhome will make it expensive.