Choosing the right awning for your caravan can be quite a tricky job, especially when you have a lot of options. It becomes difficult to decide the one awning for your caravan that would suffice all your requirements while being within your budget. Let’s narrow it down to a few great options that would make it easier for you to pick the best awning for your caravan.

Here are the top 7 awnings that would fulfill your requirements along with upholding the highest quality standards.

Fiamma F45s Wind Out Awning

[caption id="attachment_16502" align="alignnone" width="250"] Fiamma F45s Wind Out Awning[/caption]
Cost: Starting from $1130

This is a European Style awning that is perfectly suited for Jayco campers, Hiace, Small campers, and large motorhomes. This wind-out awning is very easy to install and you only need to pull it out and position the supporting arms. In accordance with the length of the awning, only 2 or 3 brackets need to be used for this awning type. This is the perfect awning for the casual traveler.

Austrong Awning Vinyls

[caption id="attachment_16503" align="alignnone" width="250"] Austrong Awning Vinyls[/caption]
Cost: Starting from $430

This is AWA’s special replacement awning vinyl which has heavy-duty fabric for reducing wear and tear, sunblock features for keeping the shade under the awning cool enough, modern color schemes, and high-frequency welding that offers complete waterproofing. It would also fit your budget while surpassing many common-grade types of vinyl that you may come across in the market.

Carefree Awning Vinyl

[caption id="attachment_15009" align="alignnone" width="250"] Carefree Awning Vinyl[/caption]

Cost: Starting from $459

This is an awning that has been carefully designed by AWA for providing a cool shade under the awning as well as inside the annex. It is pretty easy to install also. All you need to do is to slip it through the sail track and then the guy ropes, as well as poles, may be used to keep the awning intact. This awning is durable enough to withstand heavy hailstorms and even acts as a cushion so that the sound of falling rain or debris is muffled. Now, this is something that every camper would look forward to, as peaceful sleep is not always possible in the outdoors. But when you have this awning, you can have a peaceful slumber.

Allshield 4X4 Awning

[caption id="attachment_16505" align="alignnone" width="250"] Allshield 4X4 Awning[/caption]
Cost: Starting from $285

This is an amazing awning that is made for 4WD vehicles. The fabric is capable of cooling down the temperature in the shade and is durable enough to withstand natural forces. This means you can be relaxed and cozy under it. With convenient installation requirements, this awning can be set up in a very small duration and it does not take much effort to do so. All you need to do is to pull out the awning and then use the guy ropes as well as the supporting poles to erect it.

Carefree Fiesta Caravan Rollout Awning

[caption id="attachment_12515" align="alignnone" width="250"] Carefree Fiesta Caravan Rollout Awning[/caption]

Cost: Starting from $459

This is probably the only caravan rollout awning in the market to have such a low price tag and one of the few heavy-duty caravan awnings to get. But the low price does not indicate in any manner that the required quality is absent. This awning is pretty good and is made from good quality materials. The heavy-duty fabric used in the awning is easy to manage and seems to appeal to customers in the budget segment who are interested to buy the best rollout caravan awning but do not wish to spend a lot of money on it.

Dometic 9000 Caravan Rollout Awning

[caption id="attachment_16507" align="alignnone" width="250"] Dometic 9000 Caravan Rollout Awning[/caption]
Cost: Starting from $1,469

This is a premium offering in the rollout awning for caravans segment where you get all the features that were provided in the Domestic 8500 model, and you get an additional feature which comprises comprising thick grade vinyl color on both sides. The arms have been strengthened for this awning by integrating the cast iron locking mechanism. This product shows the brilliance of AWA’s designs and it is a perfect amalgamation of durability, performance, and visual appeal.

Camper Room Awning Walls

[caption id="attachment_16506" align="alignnone" width="250"] Camper Room Awning Walls[/caption]
Cost: Starting from $999

Now, this is what innovation looks like! AWA has come up with this amazing product that can be equipped on any wind-up camper. The camper room comprises a simple rollout bag awning that is attached to the camper with the use of a sail rack. An anti-flap kit is also used to prevent the awning from flapping. The sail rack also serves the function of accommodating the inclusion of a full annex or walls. With this amazing product, the comfort of your home is just a few minutes away.

September 24, 2014 — admin