A Brief History Of Awnathology

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A campervan is the most comfortable shelter while camping. It provides a great place to sleep. Awning is a more natural way of camping. It is the best place to cook, drink, eat, entertain and enjoy yourself while camping. An awning is typically a tent that is designed in a way to be attached to the side of a caravan or a campervan. These tents have been in use for a long time.

A Brief History Of Awnathology

Awnings Through Ages

In 1958 the Devon caravette usually came with a simple canopy which was attached to the bus. It has 2 front poles and detachable sides. It was in use till the late 70’s. By 1960 Devon introduced some new awning rails to the roof of the buses. In 1961 the awnings had the usual same design but incorporated a collapsible roof Y frame angles. It ensured that the canopy did not store water from the rains. It could be easily be rolled up and fastened by four buckles. It has 2 removable zips which was used to attach it to the bus through the awning rail. Most of the day awnings came with a blue canopy and orange sides. As time passes new colors and models were available.


In 1962 there wasn’t much change in the awnings. Devon offered a free standing awning just for 38 guineas. It was large with bold stripes. It covered the full length of the bus or the campervan. It was mostly seen in red and white and blue and white stripes all though many colors were available after sometime

In 1965 Devon changed the game by introducing the Devon car tent. It was made by Stan Harrison of bristol. It has the structure of the previous invader awnings by the canvas was blue roof and skirt with orange sides having windows which were fly screened. It had an external cover and front doors. These doors could be rolled up separately. The Devon drive away frame tent was in trend at that time.

Popular Awnings

As new trends evolved new awnings came into use. The bay window was used from 1967, the Germans stepped up the camping game with Westphalia camping box. Privy tents, foyer tents, caravans, big top tents, door mobiles, Canterbury Pitt were also popular.

These vintage awnings were just the perfect camping shelters to sit back, relax and enjoy a wonderful weekend with friends and family.


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