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Camping Storage Tips and Hacks To Stay Organized

February 15th, 2022 in Tips by

Camping in the great Australian outdoors is fun, but storage could be a real mood killer.

You need to take along many things for the trip. But if not stored properly, it would take a second for your caravan and camping spot to turn into a mess. Trust us when we say this!

And, you neither want to invest all your time on the trip in arranging and sorting things out nor after you are back, right? We have got you covered with some amazing camping storage tips & hacks to make your trip more fun & less messy!

Camping Storage Tips and Hacks To Stay Organized

Before Camping Storage Tips & Hacks

Only Carry Basic Items

You are likely to pack everything around you in excitement, thinking that you will need this. But trust us, carrying too much would ultimately put you into a mess. So, carry what is essential.

Use Separate Bags For Different Items

One of the amazing camping storage tips is to have a separate dedicated space for every piece of camping gear. If kept altogether, either they will get damaged or misplaced. So, to avoid this, get separate storage solutions.

Use Waterproof Bags

Store your camping items in waterproof bags to keep them safe from moisture and water.

Pack Smart

By packing smart, we mean:

These are just some camping storage hacks that would help you keep the mess at bay.

Create Space For Each Activity

At the campsite, allocate particular space for every camping activity like cooking, sitting, and sleeping. Do not end up doing everything in a single place.

Give Each Child Their Own Bag

Are children coming along with you? Make sure each of them has a different colored duffle bag. This would help them to stay clear about their belongings and keep them stress-free.

After Camping Storage Tips & Hacks

Air Out Your Sleeping Bag & Blanket

Air out your sleeping bag and blanket as soon as you get back from the camping trip. It is important to prevent the growth of bacteria. Also, constant compression can damage the filling inside. So, fluff and hang them behind the door or closet. This would increase the lifespan of your bag and blanket both.

Dry Your Tent Before Storing In

Thoroughly clean and dry your camping tent before storing it in. If stored damp, it will likely develop mildew and ultimately will get damaged. However, if it already has, do not use a machine. Also, avoid scented soaps and abrasive detergents. Just gently rub it with a moist sponge.

Clean Your Cookware

To avoid bacteria build-up, make sure you clean, scrub and dry your cookware after returning.

Store Camping Gears in Cool & Dry Place

To ensure your camping gears last long and are your companions for the next big adventures, store them in cool & dry spots away from direct sunlight and moisture.


For the best camping experience, adhere to these camping storage tips & hacks. These are truly your saviors from the mess, chaos, and disorganization that you are likely to struggle with on and after the camping trip.


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