Can I Go Camping In COVID-19?

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Xtend Outdoors has always promoted and preached camping in RV Caravan, but the time has changed. We need to be sensitive about the situation at hand and think accordingly. At Xtend outdoors, we all strongly recommend that you must not go camping in COVID-19.

Can I Go Camping In COVID-19

Government’s Take on This Pandemic

Australian Prime Minister declared the stricter lockdown and social distancing guidelines on Sunday. To contain the further spread of COVID-19, the government has limited all kinds of gathering to a maximum of 2 people. From Monday, 30 March 2020, all Australian citizens must abide by this. Also, travelling for any non-essential reasons (like camping and leisure) is prohibited across the entire state of Australia.

Can I Still Stay on an RV?

Amidst such strict guidelines, you must postpone all sort of RV camping and travel plans. However noteworthy that people who live on RVs or have a place of residence licensing can still live on their RVs. But those out on Caravan camping trips must get back to their homes.

What About My RV Camping Booking Then?

Almost all the camping grounds and RV parks have closed taking any further bookings and will remain so till 30 April 2020. Even the camping authorities and agencies are providing facility to rebook your trip. People who made bookings for this duration will get a chance to rebook their outing any time till 31 March 2022. So, you have ample of time to rebook and trip.

When Can I Go Camping Then?

You cannot go on a camping trip right now unless this ends for good. Once the lockdown lifts and the situation get better, Government authorities will continue keeping the safety ordinances. You can plan your camping trips after that.

People with small toddlers (under 5 years old) and elders (above 60 years old) shall still stay isolated indoors and maintain social distancing to remain safe.

At Xtend Outdoors, with our experience, we suggest that the best time to think of camping would be after some time from the lift of the lockdown. Authorities will be able to do necessary hygiene processes to disinfect any surfaces. Also, to serve you with the best capacities, the RV parks, camping grounds and beaches will need facilities required to comply with the new disaster management regulations.

In some time, they will get the time to prep themselves to serve you with the optimum pleasure once again!

Still, Fear That During A Trip You May Get Sick?

Looking at this sudden global outbreak – our entire team is working on adding necessary product range essential for safety and hygiene during an RV camping. We would soon be providing RV camping safety solutions.

Please consider consulting our team to know what all camping accessories you must carry along to maintain safety from the novel Corona Virus.

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