Caravan Awning Care Guide

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While camping, a caravan Awning is an ultimate protection shield. But, even this protection shield requires protection from weather conditions, grime, and other unwanted elements. Often we neglect taking care of the caravan awning. But it takes a minute for these factors to damage the caravan awning.

Here are some caravan awning care tips that would help you prevent damage and prolong its life.

Caravan Awning Care Guide

Caravan Awning Care Tips

1. Give a Quick Clean Off

Whenever you roll up your caravan awning using a dry broom, lightly sweep off the dust, cobwebs, loose dirt, tree sap, bird poo, tree leaves, and mud from the awning.

2. Do not Roll Up Wet Awning

Rolling up the wet caravan awning damages the awning fabric. When rolled up wet, the moisture on the caravan awnings leads to mold, mildew, and stains.

Therefore, make sure to leave the awning open until it dries out completely.

3. Use A Proper Caravan Awning Cleaning Product

Cleaning the caravan awning cannot be done using any regular household detergent. The harsh chemical weakens the fabric and wears down the waterproof surface of the awning. To be on the safer side, use products that are specially made for cleaning the caravan awning.

Xtend Outdoors Camco Pro-Strength Awning Cleaner is an excellent caravan awning cleaning product. The solution is suitable for cleaning every type and fabric of the awning. It restores the awning appearance by safely removing stains, mold, and grime from the awning.

4. Cover Your Awning

When storing your caravan, make sure you cover your awning as well. If not covered, exposure to the weather, dust, dirt, and other elements can damage it in no time. So, protect it using a proper awning cover and keep it safe for your next caravan trip.

5. Ensure ‘Pull Down Strap’ is in The Centre

Before rolling up or rolling out the caravan awning, make sure the pull-down strap is in the center. Otherwise, you might end up getting an uneven roll or stretching fabric from one end.

6. Wash Your Caravan Awning Gently

While cleaning, do not rub the awning hard. Using a soft brush, gently wash the awning. You need to clean it thoroughly, but without putting pressure. Otherwise, you might end up damaging the awning on your own.

7. Keep it Safe

When not in use, the caravan awning requires extra care. Heavy winds could rip it off, and harsh UV rays at the campsite could weaken the awning fabric. So, to prevent your awning from such damage, roll it up whenever you feel there is no use.


To make the most of your caravan awning, ensure giving it special care, attention and cleaning it with awning cleaning products.

Whether you want to refresh your caravan awning or remove stubborn stains from the caravan, at Xtend Outdoors, we have cleaning products for every purpose.

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