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Lying in the southern hemisphere, Australia is a country which lives by its own rules and has its unique timing for summers and winters. A right tourism spot with a variety of places of interest, where one can enjoy oneself to the fullest, Australia is a definite place to visit, especially in the summer. But be very much aware of the fact that the summer in Australia is in the December – February period, and therefore don’t go with all the woollen blankets and jackets.


Spending summer in Australia is ultimately a good choice as lots of local residents go camping and caravanning. Caravans are the extra attachments which are usually towed to one’s car while travelling. A Caravan has everything from a bed to a kitchen to a washing machine. There are no limits. You can always stuff in whatever you think is necessary to survive out there on a road trip. In short, the ultimate purpose of a Caravan is never to let you feel homesick because then, you always carry home with yourself where ever you go.

Like every year, 2019 is another one where the month of February is going to be very enjoyable and fun – packed. To support this statement, a considerable number of Caravan shows are going to be held during this beautiful month, February, usually the last chance to enjoy before summer ends and it’s time to go to work again. With the increasing popularity of caravans in Australia, people want to go out on vacations to spend quality time with their families.

Therefore, without further ado, let’s list all the Caravan shows happening of February 2019 happening in the lovely country of Australia.

  1. Newcastle Caravan: This is the first one in this month from February 7 to 10 at the Camping & Holiday Expo Newcastle Entertainment Centre & Showground.


  1. Let’s Go Lifestyle Show South: This is the second Caravan Show of this month and is scheduled to be held from February 14 to February 18 at the Australia Adelaide Showground.


  1. Moreton Bay Caravan, Camping & 4×4 Expo: This Caravan show happens parallel to the Caravan show being held at the Adelaide grounds, from the 14th of February to the 18th of February. Although, the location of this event is Redcliffe Showground.


  1. Illawarra Caravan, Camping & 4WD Expo: This is the third parallel event during the February 14-February 18 period, but again, at a different location namely Kembla Grange Racecourse.


  1. Victorian Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow: This is the last Caravan Show in the month or February, being held from February 20 to February 25 at the Melbourne Showgrounds.

Besides just the idea of having a fun time and a good time bonding with the family, you also have a chance to win 5 prizes, which are up for grabs now. What you need to do is: log onto Facebook, like our page and share the post on your wall, and you stand a chance to win a prize. Each of the 5 prizes will be given individually at each of the Caravan shows respectively. The Facebook page link is https://www.facebook.com/XtendOutdoorsAU/.

The five give – away prizes are as follows:

  1. The first giveaway is Michelle Pike’s Printed Shade at the Newcastle Caravan Show.
  2. The second giveaway is Pet Enclosure which will be given at the Adelaide Caravan Show.
  3. The third giveaway is an ‘L’ shaped porch.
  4. The fourth giveaway is Australia Wide Shade which will be given at Annexe.
  5. The fifth and the final giveaway is Australia Wide Rollout Walls.

Besides having a good time with your family, travelling together with your kids and spouse or with your friends if you are a bachelor, you will have a fantastic time in the company of loved ones. And with so many amazing things to do, we bet you; you wouldn’t feel anything other than a constant feeling of happiness, content, love, and excitement. With basically your own house in tow, you can comfortably relax, cook, eat, drink and enjoy while on the lookout for better camping spots.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack all your things and get the Caravan ready and rolling!


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