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Caravan Storage and Organisation Ideas

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Caravanning in the great Australian outdoors is a wonderful experience. But it could turn into a nightmare in no time as it takes a second for the space to convert into a mess. Even after having so much space, clothes spread all over, shoes lying on the floor, utensils spread in the kitchen, food staples mixed in the pantry, items scattered in the bathroom cupboard, and whatnot. It could drive you crazy and even turn the fun trip into a stressful one.

It is possible to reduce the chaos smartly with proper storage and organization. We have curated a list of ideas to maximize your space and relax comfortably.

Caravan Storage Ideas - Xtend Outdoors

Caravan Clothing Storage Ideas

Our clothing takes up much space in the caravan. Apart from the basics, we carry many extras, so it is obvious that space is needed. But of course, you do not want your caravan to be flooded with clothes all over. Here is how you can store more of them without compromising on the space and their condition.

1. Replace the old coat hangers with velvet hangers for hanging the clothes in the caravan cupboards. These do not take much space and easily fit in the cupboard. Because of the velvet covering, your clothes will stick onto them and will not fall off even when driving off-road. It even keeps the clothes wrinkle-free, which saves your time in ironing.

2. Store aside all of the extra clothes that are not in use, like under the caravan seat.

3. Turn the washing machine space into an additional cupboard by placing extra shelves.

Caravan Shoe Storage Ideas

The number of pairs of shoes depends on the campsite activities like shoes/boots for hiking, while some are a must to carry for the rest of the time like flip flops. But the more the pair, the more the messy floor space in the caravan. So,

1. Pick up a shoe pocket and run it along the side or front of your bed. A shoe pocket is ideal for keeping the shoes off the floor to save you from tripping hard.

Caravan Kitchen Storage Ideas

You have to be prepared for the trip with all the kitchen assortments required to cook, like utensils, cutlery, cleaners, and so many more. But their storage in the caravan becomes a matter of concern. Instead,

1. Make the most of the drawers as drawers are a great storage solution. You can store your utensils, containers, and even some extra items you bought with yourself.

2. Utilise even the unusual spaces like the space under the sink. You can place a basket holding your essentials under it.

3. Use stackable pots and pans or collapsible items as they do not consume much space.

Caravan Pantry Storage Ideas

Surely, you will stock plenty of food staples for the trip. It is suggested

1. Use square or rectangle-shaped containers for storing them as these make the best fit for the cupboards. And could be stacked easily.

Caravan Bathroom Storage Ideas

It becomes hard to adjust the towels, toilet supplies, personal assortments, washing powders, and all the other bathroom items in a single room. It seems easy but it is not. You can increase your storage by:

1. Placing different sized baskets in the bathroom cupboard. When placed in these, tubes and bottles are less likely to fall off or slide over in the cupboard.

2. Commanding some hooks on the wall to hang the towels or napkins. Once used, often the towels or napkins lie here and there but having hooks sorts the issue.


An awning is another storage solution not for inside but outside. Attaching an Xtend Outdoors Caravan Awning to your caravan expands your living space, which could help you in many ways. You can use the space for relaxing amidst nature or for stocking up the extra items to lessen the chaos from inside the caravan.

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