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Caravanning Tips for the Long Distance Traveler

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Caravanning Tips

Caravan trips usually require a lot of preparation which includes getting all the necessary items as well as checking the vehicle for proper functioning. This could prove to be a hassle if you are planning a long trip. You need to get the finances lined up and also mark important milestones so that you may reload your resources and also get the vehicle checked. If this is your first caravan trip, then I can only imagine how daunting it might appear to you.

Before you head out on your long distance trip, make sure that you follow these suggestions to steer clear of problems and have an enjoyable journey.

Always Keep a Fire Extinguisher in the Caravan

This is a basic necessity for caravans. Fire is one of the most common risks that a caravan is subjected to. There can be a lot of reasons for a fire to break out. By keeping a fire extinguisher handy, you can reduce the harm that would be inflicted in the event of a fire.

Choose Your Caravan Carefully

Caravans come in various types and sizes. You need to make sure that your caravan suits your lifestyle and is spacious enough to accommodate your family members. There is no point in getting an excessively large caravan or a small caravan if it does not fulfill its purpose. Consult with manufacturers and caravan experts to find out exactly what you need.

Get a New Oil Cooler for Automatic Vehicles

Those who prefer automatic vehicles seldom undertake the required measures to ensure the smooth functioning of their vehicles. People have run into problems with their automatic vehicles just hours after starting their trip. This is why it is better to get a new oil cooler for such vehicles. Trust me, this is a cheaper option than getting your vehicle’s gearbox changed due to the damage caused by the lack of proper coolant.

Distribute the Load Properly in the Caravan

Caravans are not independent vehicles that can be maneuvered on their own. They are towed with the help of a separate vehicle. Due to this, it is important for the load to be distributed properly in the caravan. Uneven distribution of load can cause the caravan to sway, making it difficult for the driver to control it on the road. Make sure that the heaviest items are packed on the bottom of the van, in the middle, above the wheels. Medium weighted items need to be kept in the middle and both ends evenly. Light items can be stored at the top. Make the most of the entire length of the caravan while storing the light items. This will ensure that the center of gravity for the caravan is maintained at appropriate levels.

Check the Capabilities of the Towing Vehicle

This is one of the most important aspects to be checked before embarking on a caravan holiday. You need to be sure that the towing vehicle is capable of handling the caravan easily. Don’t just assume the base weight of the caravan while evaluating the capabilities of the towing vehicle. Keep a buffer of approximately 300kg which would be added due to stocking of necessary resources and the presence of family members in the caravan itself. Plus, you need to practice towing the caravan before hitting the road on your own. It can be a tough task for the uninitiated.

Get Levelers or Blocks of Wood to Provide Even Surface for the Caravan

You might have to park the caravan anywhere. This means you wont always have leveled ground to park it. Keep levelers or blocks of wood and a measuring tool to ensure that the caravan is positioned at the correct level. Ask any accessory retail outlet for levelers and you should be able to get one that is best suited for your caravan.

Get the Best Caravan Awning and Other Accessories for a Comfortable Trip

Caravan awnings and annexes provide personal spaces and homely comfort even on the road. No matter where you are parked, you would be able to get some much needed shade and shelter by simply setting up the awning or the annexe. Make sure that you get the best caravan awning in the market to avoid unnecessary hassles and enjoy the road rather than spending a good portion of your time trying to fix the issues that crop up.

Maintain a Checklist

A checklist is always helpful in ensuring that all the required items are accounted for. This way, you don’t forget anything and your trip won’t be affected at all. Don’t make the mistake of preparing the checklist in the last minute. It should be done well ahead of time as this will help you to identify all the things that need to be done before embarking on the road trip.

Now that you have gone through these tips, you should be able to prepare yourself for an exciting road trip ahead. Have fun. Don’t forget to share your views and suggestions in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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