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How Careful Caravan Selection Can Prevent Caravan Accidents

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Caravan accidents

More than 14000 claims are made to the insurance department owing to caravan accidents every year. Out of these more than 135 claims pertain to rollover where 80% of the claims are classified as a total loss. The majority of the accidents occur due to some form of incompatibility of the caravan with the towing vehicle and the specific requirements of the customer.

Even though you may have taken every precaution possible, you can never rule out the possibility of an accident. However, it is possible to reduce the risk of accident by selecting your caravan carefully and ensuring that it complies with the specifications as mentioned in the manual. In order to understand the severity of the accidents and their causes, check the most common causes of rollover accidents below.

  • Lost control on highway                                                          30%
  • Wind caught van and lost control                                          14%
  • Hit gravel/verge and lost control                                           10%
  • Overtook third party and lost control                                   10%
  • Lost control on dirt/gravel road                                              8%
  • Wheel fell off caravan/car                                                        6%
  • Lost control in rain                                                                    6%
  • Overtaken by third party & lost control                                 4%
  • Tyre blowout on caravan/car                                                   4%
  • Van came off towball                                                                 4%
  • Mechanical failure                                                                     2%
  • Swerved to miss animal                                                            2%

Of all the rollover cases, 91% account for loss of control. In such situations, the entire caravan and the vehicle begin to fishtail and the driver is unable to bring it back into normal conditions. This is an indication that some vans are not configured correctly in terms of stabilization. It is common for drivers to panic when the caravan starts to sway, but it should not difficult to control it if the caravan has been matched with the towing ability of the vehicle at the time of purchase.

For a start, make sure you analyse your towing vehicle and share the specifications with a professional expert. Trust me, the pairing of the caravan and the towing vehicle can prevent a lot of accidents. This analysis would also reveal the maximum towing speed and the maximum permissible safe load that can be managed by the vehicle. Moreover, the dimensions of the caravan needs to be in accordance to the size of the towing vehicle. Any caravan awning or caravan annexe needs to be placed properly to avoid any serious conditions to develop.

By taking a few precautions and getting the right caravan for you, it is possible to mitigate the risks and ensure an enjoyable trip without having to bear the brunt of accidents. Caravan insurance does provide some cover, but nothing can replace the trauma of a bad experience or accident.

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