Why Do Celebrities Love Caravaning?

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All the people who think that life of celebrities is all surrounded by glamour and glitz, should know that aside from all these they have life just like you and me. We have a very basic perception that the life’s of celebrities is totally different from ours.

But very few of us knows that most of the celebrities enjoy having the old school and old fashioned caravan trips. Caravaning is not as boring as you think. Celebrities love their caravans and motorhomes and for some, these are home away from home while on tour or working on movie sets. They love caravaning as it gives them an opportunity to get some peace and silence, to move away from the hyped talks and rumors and enjoy their life.

Gwyneth Paltrow


Here’s a list of celebrities who are caravanners and the reasons why they love caravaning so much.

Gwyneth is not strictly a ‘caravan’ fan, but she was found arranging a trip around Florida in a luxury Winnebago with her husband, Chris Martin. She arranged this trip for their friends Beyonce and Jay-Z. After Chris Martin’s and Jay-Z’s exhausting tours around the world they were looking for something to help them relax.

Jarvis Cocker


Jarvis seems to be very found of driving his motorhome and stays at peace. He is a english singer and song writer and is the front man of alternative rock band pulp. He is often seen on the King’s Road in London driving his Toyota mobile home.

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson


She always likes to keep up to date with the latest caravaning models on the market and currently owns a cute little custom-made caravan.

Tara is no stranger to the outdoors being perhaps most famous for her infamous appearance on ‘I’m A Celebrity’ in 2002. She came in second place and went on the following year to open the Caravan and Leisure Show at Earl’s Court.

Gary Numan

Caravan’s Lighting

He has been in love with caravans since he was a boy. He used to go on holidays at Weymouth with his parents in his childhood. The wave post-punk singer Gary Numan has a very strong ties to caravans.

After his first success with Tubeway Army at the end of the 1970s, he rented on of the big caravans available.

Mark Owen

Caravan parking

Mark Owen is not just the member of world’s famous boy band, but he is also a caravanner and even is a member of a caravan club.

He has quoted saying; “I love caravans. They are great to take to rock festivals, as you will know if you have ever seen the toilet facilities there.” His statement shows his attraction and affection towards caravans.

Earlier it used to be the pensioners and the eccentrics who used to live their own peaceful life in caravans. But now it seems like this trend has going mainstream. These are just some of the celebrities who love caravaning. I am sure there a lot of other celebrity caravaners, but they like to keep it secret, or else there also they will be haunted by the screaming fans at their doors.

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