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Cheap Caravan Holidays With Fishing Lakes In Australia

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Caravan Holidays With Fishing Lakes

Who doesn’t like to spend an afternoon just chilling away in a small boat and waiting for the fishes to take your bait? Fishing is one of the pleasures that everyone enjoys. And there is nothing better than finding yourself a nice fishing spot on your caravan holiday. Australia has some of the most visually appealing places with lakes where you can participate in fishing. You can even put up a bench towards the shore and put in your bait, if you do not have boat available for use.

You can also prepare well in advance by installing awnings and caravan annexes so that you have a portable yet ready personal space wherever you park your motorhome, caravan and other RVs. This is probably the cheapest option for budget travellers as they can park up in a good spot in the caravan parks and resorts and use their annexes for putting up an instant personal space with the comforts of home.

Caravan parks can be slightly heavy on your pocket, but if you a budget traveller, then you should find out cheap caravan holiday plans which include fishing lakes. Now, checkout some great affordable places that should help you get started. In my first post, I have shared about top 4 locations for caravans trips in Australia.

Lake Monduran Holiday Park

Lake Monduran Holiday Park

For those who love caravanning and enjoy fishing for big Barramundi, then Lake Monduran Holiday Park is the place to be. Nothing can be more enticing than the pure beauty of nature coupled with the majestic view of the lake. Situation just 4 km away from the Bruce Highway, the park offers some of the best and affordable accommodation options to suit the needs of every traveller.

big fish

You can even bring your pets along as this park has camping sites and caravan spots that are completely pet friendly. Now you do not need to leave behind any member of the family on your adventure trips. While here, you can also enjoy boating and kayaking in an environment that is safe for families.

The park also hosts various fishing competitions throughout the year so you can head over at the right time and join the competition. Make sure you brush up you skills before coming so that you get a leg up in the competition.

Whyalla Foreshore

Whyalla Foreshore for Caravanning

The Whyalla Foreshore is definitely an adventure hotspot that should not be missed. The park is in close vicinity of beaches that are family friendly, popular regional attractions and some of the best fishing spots in Australia. There are spacious lawns and open areas that are ideal for camping as well as putting up tents to enjoy nature’s comfort at its best. If you prefer a bit more privacy, then you can always opt for cabins that are self-contained and have the basic amenities that one desires.

Whyalla Foreshore is a great way to experience a blast from the past with historic streets, rugged shipwrecked coasts, and other reminisces. The place offers some amazing delights for the younger guests with facilities such as the jumping pillow, children’s playground, special bathroom for kids, and a dedicated camp kitchen where you can cook up the catch of the day.

Water Sports at Whyalla Foreshore

What’s better than getting a big catch on your family fishing adventure and then cooking it up at the camp? Don’t worry about the budget, this place has a wide range of options to suit the needs of the affluent as well as the budget traveller.

Lake Somerset Holiday Park

Lake Somerset Holiday Park

Being located in the Queensland’s Valley of the Lakes, the Lake Somerset Holiday Park is spread over 45 hectares with cabin and camping facilities being offered just next to the edge of the lake. What could get better than this? A pristine environment with the tranquillity of the lake is just what is needed to make your great Australian escapade even more memorable. The park is the best hangout spot for water sports enthusiasts, freshwater anglers and just about anyone who loves to spend time enjoying nature’s beauty.

Fishing LakeThe water in the vicinity of the Somerset Dam hosts a range of fishing delights. Just head over to this place with your families for the perfect fishing holiday. With the cabins and camping areas located nearby, you can always cook your catch and enjoy a sumptuous meal with your family. Those who are not much into fishing can always participate in water-skiing, wakeboarding, fly boarding, sailing, kayaking and canoeing.

The best part about this place is the affordability of the accommodation and the range of services that make it one of the most enjoyable and sought after destinations by caravanners in Australia.

These places should give you a head start on your caravan holiday adventure. You can always ask around to find out more destinations and places. With a little research, you can also grab excellent deals on accommodation and services.

 So where are you going for your caravan holiday and fishing adventure?

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