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How to Choose the Right Caravan Cover

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For the times when you don’t wish to store the caravan inside a garage, it is important to keep the caravan covered completely so that it is protected from external damage. If you think that the cover is not needed, then understand that the damage would then be directed at the paint and rubber components of the caravan. By using a good cover, you can protect the surface from unwanted dents and scrapping off of the paint.

Obviously, no cover is capable of delivering a lifetime worth of service. The longevity of usage depends on the quality of the materials used, the warranty provided with the product and the price range. Now you must be wondering about the inclusion of price range as an important factor. This is usually the most driving factors that people consider while making their purchase decision. So an average customer evaluates all the factors and then makes his mind about buying the product.

But just how does a person choose the right caravan cover? How can you decide whether a caravan cover is the right one for you? Here’s how you do it.

Getting the Size Just Right

A caravan is different than other RVs. For that matter, every RV is different in terms of dimensions, applications and storage requirements. For a caravan, the size needs to be measured by considering the front and back end. You need to be careful while taking the measurements as the values need to reflect end to end results. Check out the diagram below for a better idea of the measuring requirements.

caravan cover size

It is considerable to keep a buffer for the measurements and opt for a larger size. At least this would allow the caravan to fit inside the cover. The covers for various RVs differ mostly in length and the width and height are almost similar for all. As a safe bet, measure your caravan from end to end and note the measurements. Check out the measuring units that are applicable for the covers and convert the values if required. This would help you to get the right cover size.

As a precaution, take all the measurements with the accessories installed in the caravan. Don’t leave out caravan awnings or any attached equipment while taking measurements. This would help you to cover the caravan completely with all of the attachments and thereby ensure greater protection to the RV.

Waterproofing Capabilities of the Cover

Water Proof Caravan Cover

You cannot have a completely waterproof cover for caravans. The cover in itself needs to be breathable. The top portion of the cover can be waterproof to prevent water from seeping in from the top. However, you cannot have sealed seams as moisture can build up inside the cover and this can cause damage to the exterior of the caravan. Remember, the cover is meant to protect the caravan from damage in an open environment and it would not be effective if you park up right under a leaky roof or any place that has flowing water.

Does the Cover Affect the Windows?

Caravan Window

Plastic/acrylic windows are susceptible to minor abrasions resulting from the rubbing or flapping of a caravan cover. However, this is not a big issue. You can clean the windows and ensure minimal damage to them due to the movement of the cover. Alternatively, you could also use adjustable straps to keep the cover in place and prevent it from moving around excessively. For those who are really anxious about the safety of the windows, you can use cling wrap on the windows to prevent any form of scratching or resulting damage.

Availability of Better Options

Caravan Cover Options

The fabric type may be similar across various product lines, but the gauge of the fabric differs on the basis of the price of the product and the specific design parameters. There is no need for a heavy gauge cover unless you plan on subjecting the caravan to some pretty rough environments. You should be able to manage well with an average gauge cover. If you are having problems getting a cover that fits well with your caravan, then consider getting one custom made with all the features that you desire.

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