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City Slickers Leave Sydney Lifestyle for their Love of Caravanning

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Love of Caravanning

Do you love road trips? I am sure you enjoy the occasional trips and adventures in your caravan. But is your love for caravanning strong enough to encourage you to leave behind your city life and stick to the road? I guess not. But for the Pine family, their calling for a caravan lifestyle was too much to ignore. This is why they traded in their Sidney lifestyle for one that involved a caravan.

If you are assuming that they might have to live with restrictions and lack of comfort, then you need to check out their luxury caravan for yourself. Matt and Kass Pine have let go of their fruitful careers and have hit the road in their caravan along with their two children, five-year-old Luca and three-year-old Sullivan. The family has embarked on a 9 month long caravan tour, as reported by the Caravan Times.

Matt Pine worked as a sports scientist for top Aussie Rules side Sydney Swans, while Kass co-owned Boheem Design in Surry Hills for around 11 years. Both of these are lucrative work profiles that very few people would consider giving up. As of now, Luca is being home schooled by Matt so that he doesn’t have to depend on conventional education methods. Plus, this ensures that his education is not affected by the long caravan tour. Kass also helps out on the financial front by working remotely for Boheem Design on a smaller scale.

“After chatting with my business partner, we agreed I could access equity I had in our graphic design business to purchase our caravan and Jeep, and then it was a case of reducing our debt so we had as little expenses as possible while we were on the road. This prompted us to make the decision to sell our house in Lilyfield. Fortunately we sold at a good time and we were then able to use the profit to make a couple of new investments,” said Kass.

Life on the road can be a daunting task, especially if you have to keep up with your social as well as personal contacts. With proper financial planning and strong determination, it is possible to plan a long caravan trip. As for the Pine family, they have covered a good distance at a leisurely pace with the trip taking them through Townsville, west through the Outback and Queensland, north into Katherine and Kakadu, onwards to Darwin and Kimberley in West Australia.

The Pine family has done what every caravanner wishes to do at some point of time. Despite having a few financial constraints, they were able to pull off a seemingly difficult trip and have absolutely no regrets about it. Probably, the biggest supporting factor for them was their luxury caravan that has the best caravan awning and other accessories on it. Without such additions, it would not be possible to enjoy homely comfort during a caravan trip.

If the Pine family can do it, so can you. So when are you leaving on your caravan adventure? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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