Complete Guide for Buying a Camping Tent

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Imagine camping without a shelter? You cannot spend days outdoors without having a place to live. It would take a moment for heavy rains, strong winds, and harsh UV rays to ruin your camping experience.

A camping tent is a real life-saver. It provides shelter, space, and other facilities which would make your trip incredibly fun and convenient. There is a huge variety of camping tents. Not every tent would suit your camping needs. How would you know which is the best? There is a list of things you should consider when buying a camping tent. Let us look at what those are.

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Things to Consider Before Buying A Camping Tent

Number Of People

Firstly, consider how many people will stay in the tent? Are all adults or children? Is your pooch traveling with you? These things are important to consider before buying a comfortable tent for camping. Generally, buying a tent exactly according to the number of people does not suffice. You need to consider the occupants’ height, weight, and sleeping habits so that every person gets their own space. To ensure sufficient space for everyone, increase your tent capacity by one person.

Extra Room

Not just for people, you would also require room for storing your luggage, camping gear, equipment, and other personal essentials. Covered space is always good for recreational activities like playing, cooking, and more if it rains outside.

So, consider buying a tent which provides you with enough room at the campsite. Xtend Outdoors Inflatable Extension Room is an ideal fit for camping. Whether you want space for your kids, storing gears, or for any other purpose, you can have instant space without feeling cramped as it can be set up easily. It is made from high-quality materials and can be attached to both caravans and campervans.

Ease of Use

Would you like to spend hours setting up the tent at the campsite on your arrival? No, right? When buying a camping tent,

  • check if the tent is easy to assemble,
  • how long will it take to set up,
  • how much space will it take,
  • can it be installed on your own, or will it require expert guidance,
  • can it be dismantled quickly, can
  • can it be easily stored or not.

Frequency of Using a Camping Tent

How frequently and for how long will you camp? Most caravanners do not consider these things, but you must; otherwise, you might end up either with a low-quality tent or spending a fortune compared to the usage.

Knowing this will give you a clear idea of which camping tent you should go for, how durable it should be, and what features it should have for making your stay comfortable.

Weather Conditions

The type of tent depends on the weather you are deciding to travel in. A tent is designed and includes features based on the weather conditions. You need to choose the tent that suits the weather. For summer, pick a summer tent, whereas for winter camping, a different tent.

But, usually, a 3-season tent is preferred for camping in Australia. This type of tent is ideal for spring, summer, and fall. It can also withstand heavy rains and winds.


The weight of the tent is a major concern. Consider the tent’s weight according to the means through which you will travel and the distance to your destination. Buying a large camping tent could make you struggle as they are quite heavy to bear. Also, know whether it could fit in your vehicle or not, will it increase the load to a great extent, and will you be able to shift it or not.


Do not forget to check the material quality of the camping tent. Check if the material is

  • waterproof or not,
  • will it deteriorate over time, and
  • will it catch mildew if it gets wet?

Also, check the zip quality of the tent, if any, and whether the rainfly has nylon waterproofing or not.


Imagine waking up all drenched in sweat on moist bedding because of humidity? That is not what you want to happen when you sleep in the tent, right? So, when buying a camping tent, know whether it will provide proper ventilation or not.

Proper ventilation reduces condensation and makes room for fresh air to enter the tent. It keeps the temperature cool when it gets hot inside due to the harsh Australian sun.


Tent flooring is essential while camping. You cannot live or keep your belongings on the rough surface. Make sure the flooring is robust and prevents moisture or water from entering the tent.

Additional Features

Consider the structure of the tent. Check, number of doors, windows, accessories required, and storage pockets it includes.

How Much Should You Spend On Your Camping Tent?

The price range of the camping tents varies depending on the quality. The higher the quality, the more the price of the tent. Not that you should spend a fortune on your camping tent. But you should determine your needs and features you would like to have in the tent and decide.


With the help of this buying guide for camping tent, you are sure to make the right decision that will make you every camping trip relaxing and easy.

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