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Dos and Don’ts with the Caravanning Neighbor

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Love thy neighbor, a bible verse that even today stands as practical as it was when written. The truth of neighbourship is that you can not change your neighbors irrespective of what they are and how they live. Neighbors are a part of your life. Well, this is perpetual to talk about, what about temporary people? There are moments in life when you have temporary neighbors and they might become permanent connections for a lifetime. Something of that can happen over caravanning, and these acquaintances who are caravanning neighbours may become friends forever. While caravanning you get to spend more time with these neighbors and that makes them special. You might not travel along but sharing stuff once in awhile and giving a helping hand brings them closer. On the flip side, the soup can turn sour.

Caravanning Neighbor

Here is a list of dos and don’ts with the caravaning neighbors-

All That You Can Do

● Call them up- You might be interested in traveling with another family or a couple of families for several reasons. Contact your caravan travel guy and ask him to share contact details of the people traveling on the same route. Call these fellow travelers up and build a rapport as both of you share something common- caravanning.

What You Should Not

  • Kids- Keep your kids in control, they can be real annoying and you don’t want people talking about your children. It becomes difficult to travel with the children as their enthusiasm can’t keep them out from being an explorer but you can very well supervise them.


  • Don’t be noisy- Being noisy is the bone of contention as old as neighborship itself. You might be out there with all your headbanging music accessories, but the ‘disturbance’ would remain the same as at back home. Enjoy the noise in the limits others can bear. Although some noises can’t be controlled and one such noise is a grueling sound of a generator. The best thing you could do is to request your neighbor caravanners to bear with you.


  • Keep distance- Another thing which could get warring heads is- the space. People travel long ways in search of the perfect spot. The serenity loses if an unwanted company pulls up right there. Even human beings are territorial, although not to the extent of savagery still it could get in a dispute or if not that serious at least will surely irritate and frustrate you.

Be it back at home or out caravanning, neighbors are irreplaceable, all that one could do is try be as cordial as possible. Take sweet memories with you or a bitter grudge.

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