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Drive Away In Style, With Inflatable Awnings!

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Inflatable Awnings

Awning for any caravanner is more than just a necessity. At times, it often becomes a comfortable commodity while you are out in the wild, camping and caravanning. These large, tent-like structures, are usually available in different sizes, fabrics and quality. But why do caravanners opt for awnings?

Well, awnings offer you the space to relax, even when you are out camping! They keep you covered, offering you a space that is almost equal to that of a room! So whatever the weather is, you will always have a covered space for a power nap and some time for yourself in the wild!

Awnings usually are not among the first picks on the shopping list of caravanners. Especially those, who constantly keep on moving and driving to places. However, there has been an induction of a new generation of inflatable awnings that has triggered a wave in the market! Going by the characteristics of these awnings, they are small to pack, light to carry and can be assembled and disassembled in nick of time!

Though the traditional awnings will never fade away from the market, but new is the next demand! After all, caravanners who prefer to maximize their relaxation time on site and yet visit several sites right in one holiday season, will always prefer these inflatables. These inflatables are available in the market in various sizes and specifications. If you suddenly have caravanning friends to stay over, and just two berths to sleep on, these awnings will come to the rescue!

Pump it up!

Similar to a traditional pole awning, inflatable awnings are connected to the caravan by supplying the beading into the awning rail. The next move to make is inflating the support beams using the supplied pump. When you want to disassemble the awning, simply reverse the process and you are good to go in nick of time again!

How did it all start?

When these inflatable awnings were launched in the year 2011, there was an instant demand for this! Caravanners were curious to know if the manufacturers of these awnings will launch the drive-away version of these inflatables as well? Ever since then, the manufacturers and suppliers like Australia Wide Annexes have made sure that they cater to the demand of caravanners when it comes to inflatable awnings!! Today, most of the caravanners look for foldables, inflatables, and easy to carry awnings.

Inflatable or traditional, which one is your pick in awnings?

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