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Essential Caravan Spare Parts You Need For Safe & Stress-Free Camping Trip

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Heading out in a caravan for camping is extremely exciting. It also gives you relief as it feels like a home away from home. But a little mishap in the caravan, like a punctured tyre, can leave you stranded and ruin your entire trip.

Don’t worry. We are here to prepare you for the common caravan issues beforehand. Carry these caravan spare parts to make things easy and discard the stress and problems.

Safe Caravan Camping Trip with Caravan Spare Parts

Plumbing Leaks

Most caravanners often forget this. But make sure you are prepared for the caravan leaks. Common places at which leaks arise are:

  • corroded seals around the windows & roofs,
  • damaged plumbing in kitchen, toilet, or bathroom, and
  • poorly fitted caravan accessories.
  • A sealant is the most popular solution to fix water leaks. Not any, but take a silicone sealant to seal the leaks.

Main Door & Cupboard Handle

You could be locked inside or out of the caravan if the door’s handle breaks. Take along an emergency repair kit with you to the trip. So that whatever may arise, you have the necessary tools


Nothing is more annoying than to get stuck in the middle of the road due to a punctured caravan tyre. In this emergency, you need not look for a mechanic. You can fix it on your own with our tyre repair kit. The kit is quite compact and would get you back on the road in minutes.

Caravan Awning Spare Parts

Either the awning was left open in the huge storm or collided with the trees and other objects while the caravan was moving. These could be the possible reasons for the awning damage.

However, the damage is not just limited to the awning fabric, but often other parts of the caravan awning might also get damaged. To be on the safer side, carry some caravan awning spare parts for the trip.

High Lift Jack

At times, situations may arise where your caravan is stuck on the rough terrains, and you need to lift, winch, clamp, push or pull it out. Here is a High Lift Jack for you to help it get your vehicle out of the obstacle. Make sure you carry this caravan accessory.


Camping lighting isn’t something to miss out on. Light is a camping essential, especially when the sun goes down. Not every campsite is powered. Fishing, cooking, walking and for many other activities, you will require light. Prepare well in advance and ensure safety by carrying the LED bar camping lights with you.

R Clips

R clips are quite handy pieces of equipment. These are often required to hitch coupling lock, snap-up brackets, and many other purposes. So, make sure you have kept plenty of them as these might get lost.


By being prepared for the common caravan problems with these caravan spare parts, you can keep the hassle & stress out of your camping trip. You can breathe a sigh of relief on your trip every time the caravan breaks down because you will be all ready.

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