Features Of Camping Chair You Need To Know

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Do you know what one object you’ll need for a relaxing camping trip?
Of course, it’s a comfy camping chair.

A nice camping chair provides you with comfortable seating. It will also elevate you off the damp and dusty ground when playing cards, grilling, or enjoying the campfire with your loved ones.

Camping chairs come in various forms and sizes, from luxurious recliners fit for a living room to compact fold-up camping stools. Available in leg counts ranging from one to four and build-up of different body and leg materials.

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Choosing the right one from all of these options becomes challenging. So, the purpose of this blog is to guide you on how to select the best camping chairs for you so that you do not have regrets after purchasing a new one.

5 Features of Camping Chair you need to know

One thing is certain: whether you are at home or on a camping site, you cannot compromise on your comfort. However, what happens when the camping chair you purchased is comfortable but not durable? To not let it happen, let’s check the important factors when buying a camping chair. Consider the following points:

1. Comfort

The chair should feel comfortable while sitting on it. Still, the space-to-weight ratio will also be a major factor before buying. The comfortable chairs have all the facilities for a camper.

For example, The Nowhere Chair is the best folding camp chair. It has a wine glass holder, a foldable drink holder, a mesh pocket for storage, and rotating feet to provide the best possible seating on any ground, making it far more comfortable than a plain folding chair.

2. Durability

For durability, first, check the fabric and the material of the chair because the weather conditions will not be the same every time you go camping. So, check the material of the body, legs, and cushion fabrics before buying.

Aluminum is currently considered the most running material to make legs and body for a chair as it is corrosion-resistant. When talking about the fabric for a durable chair, nylon or foam-based fabric materials are appropriate.

3. Portability

The chair’s portability is also an important consideration when determining which one is suitable for your outdoor hobbies and adventures. It would be best to choose a lightweight camping chair since it will be easier to transport and carry around the campground.

The lightweight camping chairs can vary from 0.400 kgs – to 12 kg, depending on their features and materials. And if you don’t want to carry around that much all around with you, you should get an inflatable chair. It’s easy to fill the air for use and inflate it again when not needed.

4. Weight Capacity

Adult-size camping chairs are designed to hold between 102 – 226 kg of weight. Still, it is ideal to go for a fully-padded camping chair that weighs more than 8 kgs, so it reduces the chances of damage and strains.

5. Price

It’s all about finding the proper chair that matches the budget and fulfills the needs. Investing between 110$ – 185$ to buy a camping chair will be ideal for accessing all the features mentioned above.


Hopefully, this clears things up for you, and you will consider this blog before purchasing camping chairs. For more understanding or purchasing camping products, visit Xtend Outdoors to make your upcoming trip more comfortable, lavish, and unforgettable.


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