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Guide to Surviving a Family Camping

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For an Aussie family, nothing could be more exciting than going on a camping trip. Aussies love traveling to the outdoors, exploring different destinations, enjoying amazing views, and experiencing great adventures.

When heading off the grid or to the nearby campsite with the family, it involves overnight stays. But if you haven’t planned it right, the most fun trip can turn into extremely stressful and difficult to survive. You may even be left stranded.

Are you also planning a family camping trip? Don’t stress out. To ease you from this task, we have listed some tips that would help a newbie or even a family who has traveled multiple times.

a road trip in your RV with your family & friends

Find a Perfect Location

First, decide on the camping location. There are multiple options to choose from. But select the one according to the weather conditions, convenience, and facilities.

  • Is the place pet- friendly if you are taking your pet along
  • Consider the proximity of water
  • Is there buzzing of mosquitoes all-day
  • Does the place provide an ample amount of shade

Also, consider availability before selecting the campsite and book in advance as these tend to be in high demand during the peak season.

Choose the Right Van

Before choosing the van, set your space limit, the place you will be traveling, and for how long. You can make your choice from retro revivals, motorhomes, towing a van, or caravan.

But nothing can be compared to traveling by caravan. The caravan could be your home away from home, offering all the comforts. Even for going down the road, you won’t have to worry about packing the whole camp. Instead, hitch your caravan and get moving.

And before pitching your caravan, keep the power & water connections, distance from the neighbors, direction of the door in mind.

Pack Smartly

Of course, you won’t forget to carry clothes. But, pack adequately as you never know when it gets dirty and requires it to be changed. Camping requires a list of items that you might need anywhere, anytime.

Prepare a checklist of items for making it easy to stuff things. And, when you are traveling with your kids, checklist their items first. Do not forget to carry the essentials such as a first aid kit, bug repellent, lighting & navigation accessories.

Camping Meals

Do not get stressed out when it comes to the meals at the campsite. If your caravan has a refrigerator, it is easy to carry items that can stay fresh through cooling.

Of course, you cannot carry tortillas in the absence of a refrigerator. But some dry snack items would work for keeping everybody’s stomachs full.

Connect with the Neighbours

Do you know how essential an awning could be? An awning is a portable gear that gets attached to the caravan or can be set up alongside your car. An awning extends the living area for sleeping or recreational activities and even protects you from the weather elements.

You often require some extra space at the campsite. What could be better than an awning for it? Choose from the diverse range of Xtend Outdoors Caravan Awnings. The awnings are quite handy, sturdy, specialized with waterproof and weatherproof materials for protecting you during any condition.

Prep for Some Fun

When taking your kids along, what will they do apart from hiking, swimming, and playing at the beach? Your kids may feel restless and get bored. Take care of their fun by:

  • Stuffing marshmallows for toasting and hot chocolate
  • Preparing some fun outdoor games that they can play in the outdoors such as
  • scavenger hunt, camping Olympics, the alphabet game, etc.
  • Carrying board games and card games.
  • Colouring books, a tennis ball, skateboards for passing time
  • Telling the stories
  • Planning a musical and dancing night


Camping is all about spending some beautiful time with your family. Traveling to the Australian campsites will get you hooked on the adventures. And planning according to our tips mentioned above, the trip would become worth experiencing.


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