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Here’s What You Need To Know Before Planning Your RV Trip

January 18th, 2022 in Tips by

Are you planning a road trip in your RV with your family & friends? Well, there’s nothing other than an RV that offers both the thrill of adventure and the ease of having a bedroom & kitchen right beside you.

RVs are extremely comfortable, convenient, and self-sufficient. After all, they are your home away from home!

But it’s not as easy as it seems. Here’s what you need to do before heading out to make your trip fun & hassle-free.

a road trip in your RV with your family & friends

Top Things To Consider

Plan Early

Are you someone who procrastinates things until the last minute and panics at the end? Trust us; this would make you lose the fun from your entire trip.

That’s why start planning the moment the idea of a trip comes to your mind or at least two months before your trip.

Plan what type of trip you want? Near the beach or amidst the forest? What you want to see, what activities you wish to try, budget, route etc. In all, develop a detailed itinerary of your camping trip.

Book Your Campsite The Very Next Moment You Plan

In Australia, you will see a campsite every now & then as it boasts plenty of them. From national parks to walk-in campsites, various sites are available. You even get access to showers, laundry, cooking, and many other amenities at the campsites.

Despite the number of campsites, it is not easy to grab a spot in any, especially during the peak season. So, it is better to book before hopping on the vehicle and hitting the road to avoid last-minute surprises.

If you are taking your furry friend along, check whether the campsite is pet-friendly or not. Also, check the amenities, activities and hidden discounts or charges while booking.

Will You Buy or Rent A RV?

You are good to go if you already own an RV. But if you don’t, what are you planning? Will you rent or buy an RV?

According to us, you should consider the frequency and duration of your trip before deciding. If your trips are a once-in-a-while event or last for less than 8 weeks, it’s better to rent one instead of investing a huge amount in buying one.

If you hit the road quite frequently or your trip would last for more than 16 weeks, consider buying one. Also, remember that if you buy the vehicle, you need to take proper care of it and protect it from dust, rain, heat etc.

RVs are available in different shapes & sizes. And each type is suitable for different campers. Choose according to the number of people travelling and your requirements.

Pack Your RV

Once you have the motorhome, you should start packing it. By packing the RV, we mean adding basic accessories and equipments you will require for the trip apart from your personal belongings.

Whether renting or buying one, make sure you have these essentials in your RV.

  • Kitchen basics like pots, pans, crockery, cutlery, microwave oven, mini-fridge and all that you will be needing for prepping meals. Also, pack supplies for washing these.
  •  Bedsheets, pillows, pillow covers, blankets, comforters & sleeping bags.
  • GPS or Map for navigating the route.
  • RV toolkit to fix minor faults on the go.
  •  Cleaning supplies for RV, including broom, hand vacuum, dustpan, and gloves.
  •  Bathroom supplies and toiletries for everyday use.
  • Electronics like chargers & adapters, extra lights, and a generator.
  • First aid kit for emergencies.
  • Awnings or Annexes for protection and extending the living room outside the RV.
  • Documents including registration, license, reservations, etc.
  • Leveling blocks, tire pressure gauge, fire extinguisher, and water hose.


Once you reach the campsite, you are sure to spend most of your time outside. Nothing would excite you more than dining, playing or sitting outdoors. But heat could ruin all the fun in a blink.

However, with an awning or an annexe, it is possible to block the heat at the campsite. These not only protect you from heat but any weather condition that might come your way. At Xtend Outdoors, we offer the best quality RV awnings & annexes and take care of its installation. Contact us today to get your awning or annexe installed in your RV.



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