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How Can You Use Caravan Accessories During Coronavirus Outbreak?

April 17th, 2020 in General by

Summers have approached, and this is the time when generally most of the people in Australia head for caravanning, but now the circumstances are a little different. We all know that the coronavirus has badly hit the world; it is not the right time to go camping at all.

Still, there are ways you can use your caravan and its accessories while you are at home. Do you suspect yourself of coronavirus? Discovered any symptoms in you or someone around you? You can use your parked caravan or RV to help corona patients in isolating themselves. 

Here are some caravan accessories that can make anybody’s quarantine a little more comfortable:

Australia Wide Camper Awning

Australia Wide Camper Awning - Xtend Outdoors

A Camper Room is an innovative product for camping activity that you can use when you need a place to self-quarantine yourself. The best quality awnings and annex walls have been used to manufacture the camper rooms. You can use this Camper room while you self-isolate from other family members. You can set this room in your backyard or garden area where people usually keep their RVs. 

Looking at the current situation, you never know when you will be fine. Either you have to wind up the whole setup early or wait until the symptoms subside completely. These wind-up campers seem to be one of the convenient awnings which are simple and robust which are easy to install and undo the complete setup. 

It has a quick set up. Either you can choose to drop the canvas down to cover the room fully, or you can roll it up to uncover the mesh and let the cool breeze come in. Even if you have quarantined yourself, feel at ease with these camper awnings.


Shade Walls

Reversible End Shade Wall - Xtend Outdoors

The shade is the need of the hour when you are to quarantine yourself during the coronavirus outbreak. The shade wall is another revolution in RV accessories that you can use now to protect yourself from harsh weather conditions when you are in self-isolation. This way, you can take the fresh air in your garden and calm yourself while being with your family.

You will find shade walls in different variants at Xtend Outdoors. If you want a custom design that meets your requirement, then contact Xtend Outdoors. We can understand your preference and design a customized shade wall for you.

Inflatable Annexes

Inflatable Annexes - Xtend Outdoors

Inflatable annexes is another excellent product that you can use in the COVID-19 pandemic and go in self-quarantine. This annex slides into the existing sail-track on a wind-up camper, which is again the most convenient way to set up accommodation for yourself. You can live here until the symptoms subside if you are suspected of COVID-19. 

Free Standing Annexe

Free Standing Annexe - Xtend OutdoorsEven if you don’t have an RV still you can use a freestanding annex that is easy to set up. It doesn’t require the support of your RV. You can easily fold down the side and front panels to provide a complete enclosure. Moreover, its window has a mosquito net with foil cover on the right side, which will keep you protected from all the bugs and mosquitoes. You can have sound and stress-free sleep at night.


L Shape Porch

L Shape Porch - Xtend Outdoors

L Shaped Porch is a useful product that you can use during this time. Since this porch adds an extra undercover living space at the entrance, you can use it in a variety of ways. You can use it as a cooking space, or to store items that you buy from the supermarket to keep it separately for some time to reduce the chances of infection. 

It comes complete with the porch canopy, pole frame, spreader bars, a curved roof rafter, pegs, ropes, and carry bag. You can install it easily without any professional help.


Clothesline - Xtend Outdoors

A clothesline is an excellent product that can be attached to your awning, where you can dry your clothes during the COVID-19 pandemic and practice hygiene. Even if someone from your family comes from the market, they can use this clothesline to keep that batch of clothes separate. And, you don’t need to worry about the sturdiness, it is durable and measures around 8-25ft which is enough to dry your clothes.

Storage Room

Storage Room - Xtend Outdoors

Apart from the L-Shape Porch, the Camper Storage is another affordable option to store your stuff safely. You can use it to store extra clothing or other groceries that you bought during the lockdown. It is made up of a lightweight steel frame that is designed to withstand most weather conditions.

Caravan Ensuite

Caravan Ensuite - Xtend Outdoors

As you practice complete isolation, you cannot use the washrooms that your family members are using. In this situation, the camper ensuite comes to your rescue. It is designed to add a shower and toilet area to your camper room. And, since it is out of reach of your family, it gives you the needed privacy. Moreover, you don’t have to disturb your family, and they can quickly complete their daily chores.

The camper ensuite includes a shower room and a toilet room. It also has pockets to keep toilet paper or shower accessories. Since it can be used as a storage room, you can keep your bathing essentials and toilet papers here.

Mesh Flooring

Mesh Flooring - Xtend Outdoors

Since hygiene is the most critical thing we all need to practice, you cannot afford to keep your garden area or backyard filthy. You can use mesh flooring to keep your area clean. It is excellent for outdoor living where you can enjoy a clean area in your garden. 

It provides 90%+ UV Protection, so you can also use it as a shade. However, if you need something that gives you protection from moisture, insects then, you can also try rubber multi matting. They make an ideal flooring solution for your patios where you can sit comfortably inside your garden or backyard. 

These were some of the caravan accessories that you can use. 

Using Your RV Caravan as a Corona Utility Vehicle

Apart from the uses mentioned above, you can use your caravan to deliver essential items to people and raise awareness against the disease. 

Contact Xtend Outdoors.


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