How to celebrate Christmas in a Caravan?

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The magical time of the year, Christmas asks for a celebration with friends and family. On this particular occasion, every ounce of your home should shine bright with the lights and the presents. Some people prefer to take a break from the thawing frosty fingers and celebrate in the sun.

Some folks like to spend holidays in the warmer destinations in the comfort of static caravans that offer all the accouterments of a modern house. With plunging temperatures, long nights with snow all around is one of the best ways to celebrate in the caravan.

A caravan can be equipped with all the conveniences you have come to rely on at home. With your festive goodies, party games, and winter woollies, this is your chance to push the boat out on Christmas.

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Decorate your Caravan

Celebration means following all the rituals and festivities that Christmas is known for. A caravan can be all decked up to your heart’s content. To get the vibe, you need to decorate your caravan into a real-life Santa’s grotto when on a winter caravan holiday.

Garnish the windows with tinsels, lights, and baubles. Instantly transform your caravan into a festive haven with rope lights that are quaint and nostalgic.

Whether you want to go all-in for Christmas decorations or want to make a few subtle additions, choose carefully when in a caravan. For making it spacious, get Xtend Outdoors Awnings which will add a new dimension to the festivities, you can pitch it in a couple of minutes, offering valuable party space and annexes for bedroom storage if your guests have come.

Position your Christmas tree under an awning which will keep it dry and safe. Create your festive decorations that will create Winter Wonderland away from home.

Set the Table

How about complimenting the scene with the cheery table setting? Some delicious food, along with a glass of mulled wine is what Christmas is for. Bring some cutlery sets along with wine glasses that add on to the party.

So, traveling light and with care is essential, swapping your regular glass box with our wine glass buddy will be handy, which protects your precious glassware which folds completely and is flat for storage. And covers the glasses from breakage and scratches. Make your Christmas feast special in a caravan with wine and dine.

Barbecue the Bird

Cooking outdoors in summer is usual for the Australians You’ll require a barbecue or oven with a roasting pan that will cook while spreading heat evenly to every part. Xtend Outdoors BBQ Arm is designed especially for caravan and is the most versatile barbecue platform. You can accessorize it with a few handy tools and game up your whole barbie experience.

Make Christmas Eve special with a traditional feast with family by your side.

Expand the Cooking Facilities

Christmas Eve without turkey, potatoes, or parsnips?!! Not at all.

For more than two rings, gravy, and Xmas pudding, a microwave oven is ideal for well cooked, crunchy, and frees up valuable hob space. You can carry a microwave oven with you without any fear of breakage of the microwave dish made of glass.

Slide the microwave dish in Xtend Outdoors Microwave Dish Buddy, close, and place it back into the microwave for protection in your journey both on and off-road. Makes it easy to handle without any worry and consists of multiple padded layers.

Food Prep

Food Preparation involves much cutting and chopping during the Xmas feast. Prepping will become much more comfortable with a portable induction cooker, and you can enjoy the freshly cooked food and cozy up in front of the bonfire and catch some Christmas special movies. Mingling with local residents will make it even more interesting and fun.

Enjoy some Activities

Along with Christmas food preparation, and despite the size of the caravan, it can be an excellent abode for you to enjoy some cozy Christmas activities. Go for some snowboarding with your kids and enjoy every minute of it.

People usually prefer going for some shoveling driveways but celebrating in a caravan can be adventurous and quite startling. Make your Caravanning during Christmas an unforgettable experience. Although preparing food and decorating the space is easy, with Xtend Outdoors, it becomes more portable and light-weight and gets everything at the tip of your fingers.



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