How To Choose 4WD LED Light

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When on an RV Trip with loved ones, resisting the urge for a night trip can be difficult. 4WD driving light will play a vital role in making your ride comfortable and smooth.

But when it comes to buying the best 4WD led light, there are many factors to check. This blog will help to make an informed decision on how to buy led lights.

Purpose of the Driving Lights

The weather at the camping site may not be clear enough for driving all the time; after sunset, the darkness can make it difficult to move any ahead. In such a condition, good driving lights play a vital role in navigating our way safely and ensuring no harm to wildlife as well.

Different Types of LED Light

Here are two of the most amazing 4WD LED options that are quite popular among our customer base at Xtend Outdoors.

1. Driving LED

Long Range driving lights

The Long Range driving lights are great for bull bars and still give you extra visibility at night. The best 4WD spotlight should contain a minimum of 5,810 lumens and should have a distance range of up to 1471 meters.

2. Bar LED

slim light bar

The slim light bar is great for adding extra lighting, mainly extending to the sides of roads to make it easier to see wildlife or potential obstructions. To go for the best-led light bar, look at led bar lights for cars that can have up to 5,400 lumens and reach a distance up to 395 meters.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing the 4WD LED Light

4WD LEDs are an expensive commodity. Though at times, adding them becomes a crucial necessity. So, to ensure you are getting the value of every cent of your investment, analyze each option on some of the factors listed below and select the one you find the most appropriate.

1. Length of the LED Bar

Led bars are available in many sizes, from long to short but choose according to your vehicle size; it’s ideal to go for 14 inches.

2. Beam Pattern of the LED Light

According to your driving requirements, you have to choose two types of beam patterns in led light, spot, or flood pattern. Flood patterns provide a wider beam, while spot patterns provide shattered light.

3. Single Row or Double Row LED Bar

A single row can have stacked up to 48 led lights, making it convenient for off-roading, but if you have the need for even more, you can go for a double row led bar.

4. Mounting Options

The rules change; from state to state, it’s obvious to confirm the legal place of mounting. It can be mounted on the front bumper, lower windscreen, or the roof of your 4WD.

5. Lumens

The greater the amount of lumens, the brighter the light but going from the range in between 5,000-6,000 lumens is ideal for 4WD.

6. Size

The size will vary depending on the different brands of the lights, and you have to be clear with the vehicle length. It is ideal to go for 184 x 200 x 90 mm driving led & 350 x 38.5 x 68 mm for led light bars.

So finally…

Camping Vehicles worldwide today are built with cutting-edge gadgets. However, some adventure enthusiasts prefer something more.

LED is one such accessory that travelers prefer to integrate for an enriched camping experience out in the wild. We hope the information covered here in this blog will help you select a good LED for your 4WD and ensure that your experience turns out as amazing as expected.

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