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How to Choose The Best 4WD Awning For a Relaxing and Fun Camping Trip

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Driving to the amazing outback, beaches, bushlands, or campsites of Australia with your friends and family in a car or caravan is super fun. You need not stuff your vehicle with multiple sheets to pitch a tent. Instead, a single addition to your vehicle would do the job and provide you with shade within minutes anytime, anywhere. That is a 4WD awning. You will only have to put the brakes, pull out the awning, and settle.

When it comes to choosing the best 4WD awning for your vehicle, the options are endless. But here are some things to consider before buying to get your hands on the best awning.


Aria 4WD Awning - Xtend Outdoors

How To Choose 4WD Awning?


Start with choosing the size of a 4WD Awning. The awning is available in multiple sizes. Choose your awning size according to

  • the number of people traveling,
  • the space you will require at the campsite,
  • the purpose you want it, and
  • things you want to fit under it.

You need to consider your vehicle size too. Make sure the awning size is according to the length of the vehicle, not longer than it. It does not mean that a longer measurement will provide more shade, but it will extend to the side of the vehicle.

Don’t go for a smaller awning size, either. You would not have enough shade and space, and it would be a waste of money.


After the size, the weight of the awning is another important consideration. Every vehicle differs in terms of the roof weight loading capacity. Understand the capacity before choosing a 4WD awning.

If you plan to load some extra camping gear or extras on top of your vehicle for your next adventure, you will have to go for a lightweight awning as extra weight can pressurize the vehicle’s suspension, which could risk your safety.

Or, for a separate private space at the campsite, go for Xtend Outdoors Aria Inflatable Swag. This 4WD awning is lightweight and can be set up in moments using a hand pump, pegs, and ropes.

Quality of 4WD Awning’s Material and Fittings

If you don’t want the weather to be an obstacle in your camping experience, ensure the awning is made from high-quality and durable material. Check if the fabric is mold-resistant or UV resistant to keep you cool in the harsh Australian sun and dry in the rain. It should also be waterproof to prevent damage in the rain. Double-check the stitching of the awning, ensure if the material is precisely finished, not likely to tear from any side, and does not have weak joints.

Along with the material, also check if the awning poles and fittings are made from stainless steel. Stainless steel is sturdier, stronger, and lasts longer than plastic and steel.

Time Taken To Set Up

Of Course, once you arrive, you do not want to invest an hour in a 4WD awning set up. Right? So, opt for Xtend Outdoors Aria Inflatable 4*4 Awning. Get instant shade anytime at the campsite with this simple to set up the 4WD awning. Setting up this awning is a breeze as it does not require poles, only a hand pump. Our 4WD awning is made with heavy-duty materials that would last longer.


You can enhance your camping experience by adding accessories to awnings just as you can to your home or make it more comfortable. If you are heading out for a long camping trip, you can consider adding accessories. You can add shade walls for having a completely enclosed space, LED lights, flooring, and many more.


Keeping these considerations in mind while choosing your 4WD awning would help you get the perfect awning for your vehicle. Which, in turn, will reduce the struggle and provide you with utmost convenience.

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