How to Clean Caravan Annexes?

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When you are out on a trip with your family or loved ones, the one thing that you miss the most is the comfort of your home. Your personal space is something that cannot be replicated by any hospitality service. Caravan annexes are great for carrying your home with you wherever you travel. But unlike cleaning conventional houses and accommodations, it takes a good understanding of the materials and the appropriate cleaning method for maintaining the quality of the annexe’s material. It is important to clean your caravan canvas annexe in the correct manner as it is subjected to dirt, grime, bird droppings and harsh weather conditions, all of which can negatively affect the material.

If you are not sure about the correct cleaning approach, then the following tips could help you get started.

Detach Removable Parts


It is obvious that you cannot clean your caravan annexe properly if it is assembled completely. So the first that you need to do is remove the parts that can be detached and unzip the annexe so that it opens up. This makes it easy to clean the material and exposes the internal surface where dirt could have accumulated over time. By detaching the removable parts, you can also check for possible damages as these would have to be repaired before it is cleaned. By separating the parts, you can also dry the individual components in a better manner. All you need to do is to leave them out to dry.

Clean Excessive Debris

Bird droppings, earth, sand or vegetable matter should never be allowed to remain in contact with the annexe’s material. This can worsen any damage that has already be made. Make sure that you remove these from the fabric with a soft cloth. But be gentle when removing such debris as it may have stuck to the material and forceful actions could affect it. The best way to prevent this is to regularly dust the annexe and hose it so that all such debris is removed without reduced chances for accumulation of grime.

Select Compatible Cleaning Agents

While soap and water may do the trick for you, but you often come across some stains that are hard to remove. For cleaning such stains and other hard to clean places, you need to identify the right cleaning agents like Camco RV Awning cleaner, which are compatible with your annexe’s fabric. After all, you would not want your beautiful annexe to be tarnished due to reactions brought about by incorrect cleaning products. Petrol, oil, solvents, kerosene and other similar fluids should be completely avoided.

It’s Time for Intensive Cleaning

Now that you have done the preliminary cleaning and the annexe is prepared, you need to clean intensively. You need to use cold water and a soft cloth for removing water based stains. In case this does not remove the stain completely, then you can use a mild solution of soap in lukewarm water.

Use a soft brush or a sponge for scrubbing the strain off the material as forceful scrubbing could damage the exterior. Most annexes are made from waterproof fabrics such as canvas and vinyl. You should be careful not to damage the finish of the surface during the cleaning process.

Some stains can be really hard to remove even with the soap and lukewarm water solution. In such cases, you need to use non-abrasive household cleaners, diluted rubbing alcohol or diluted bleach for removing the stubborn stains. But as a precaution, you should immediately wash the portion of the fabric with clean water, following which the fabric needs to be left out to dry properly.

Check for grime or dirt build ups in hard to reach corners and other places that often go unnoticed. It is important for these areas to be cleaned as if untreated, these places could be subjected to gradual damage which would weaken the strength of the annexe’s structure.

Check Again

Once the intensive cleaning has been completed, just wipe the surface clean with a soft cloth and then leave it out to dry. Do not roll up the fabric when it is wet as this could damage the material. Spread it out and leave it to dry naturally under the sun. Upon drying, the fabrics can either be rolled up or they can be installed again in the caravan. But before you use the annexe again, make a last minute inspection to check for possible damages or dirt that may be have been missed out. If required, perform the necessary repair work before usage.

Some Points to Remember

Cleaning your caravan annexe is not a big task, but you need to be careful so that you do not damage the finish and quality of the fabric. Here are some important points to remember while cleaning the annexe.

  • Clean your caravan annexe periodically
  • Use only certified and compatible cleaning agents
  • Use soft cloths with gentle scrubbing for removing stains. Excessive force should never be applied.
  • Never roll up your annexe when wet. Leave them out to dry by spreading them out.
  • Make sure to keep a check on the accumulation of dust, bird droppings and other solid particles. Remove them as soon as possible as the longer they are left in contact with the material, the more damage they can inflict on the exterior.

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