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How to Earth Your Camping Generator in 3 Steps

June 28th, 2019 in General by

Camping on a site with electric hookup could be luxurious, but not adventurous. Why? Well, building a campsite resonate a core human emotion of establishing a civilization. Doesn’t it? Building a place to live, gathering resources, lightening it up.

Camping Generator

Moreover electrifying your tent by a portable camping generator gives exactly the same thrill as pitching a tent. How to use a camping generator depends on the question, if generators need to be earthed? Earthing protects you against an electric shock, in case there is a faulty electrical device. Well, most of the modern camping generators do not require earthing, yet some of the older ones do need earthing. Earthing requires connecting an electrical circuit to the ground.

Before understanding how to earth your portable camping generator, we should understand which tools are required to earth it.

Wire Strippers

Even pliers can do the same work, or for that matter a simple blade as well. Yet a wire stripper recommended, why? A wire stripper is neater and faster.


You need to nail a copper rod in the ground and how hard the ground is, is the only factor that lets you decide if a hammer would suffice or you need something heavier such as a sledgehammer.

Pliers anyways

The copper rod needs to be firmly bent to secure it to the earthing pole. Pliers are the best thing for this job.


You need a spanner to screw the earthing bolt.

Copper Earthing Wire

A heavy-duty green insulated copper wire is the best pick for the job. The copper earthing rod should be at least 4 ft. long.

Step 1

Hammer the earthing rod at the spot you pick to earth the generator at the campsite. Leave an inch on the top of the rod to secure the connector. In case the ground is hard, you could dig a started hole. You could also punch the rod at 45 degrees or even horizontally if the ground is too firm.

Step 2

Once the earthing rod is in the ground, you need to strip back the copper wire using the wire stripper to expose the copper. Now, using the pliers bend the copper wire to secure it around the earthing rod.

Step 3

Once again using the pliers strip the other end of the copper wire and connect it to the earthing bolt which is on your generator. It would be done by unscrewing the earthing bolt, winding the copper wire around it with the pliers and fastening the bolt with the wrench.

And you have successfully earthed your portable camping generator.

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