How To Fix Your Caravan Blinds?

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Caravan blinds are incredibly functional in maintaining your privacy at the campsite.  They also ensure proper light and flow of air in your caravan. The roller caravan blinds use a roller to operate the blind. You can use the blackout option to enjoy a sound sleep with minimum light in your motorhome.


The roller blinds are available for different purposes like offside kitchen blind, outdoor blinds, curtains with blinds, etc. But all these roller blinds have spring inbuilt in them that can sometimes be damaged and makes binding up difficult. Because of this, the blinds could get jammed up and not slide properly.

Here Are Some Simple Steps To Follow While Fixing Your Caravan Blind:

Step 1: Remove the Frame

Initially, you need to remove the plastic tabs and remove screws by a screwdriver. You should remove the screws from the bottom so that the frame doesn’t fall. You can then remove the top screws while supporting the frame. Keep these tabs and screws in one place. 

Step 2: Place the Frame Carefully

Be careful while keeping the frame or the blind assembly and place it on a table.

Step 3: When the Blind Has Some Amount of Tension

You can face two types of problems in your caravan blind, and both have a different approach. When your blind has some tension but is not rolling completely, you need to add extra tension to fix the spring in the roller. You can follow step 4 and step 5 to adjust the tension in your blind roller.

Step 4: Put 2-3 Turns of Tension into the Metal Tabs

Undo the small screws from both the ends of your roller. Lift the roller out, ensuring that the roller doesn’t unwind. Then to add tension in your spring, you need to put two to three turns in a clockwise direction. 

Step 5: When Your Blind Lacks Tension Fully

In case your roller spring lacks tension wholly, then you need to take out the spring. You can use a flat head screwdriver to prise off the right-hand plastic end of the roller. To recognise the spring, tip the roller to the right, and spring will fall off. Secure it using superglue and refit it once it is dry. 

Step 6: Put 4-5 Turns of Tension into the Metal Tabs

Once the spring is secured to the tab, slowly and gently push the tab onto the roller. When your roller lacks tension completely, turn the metal tab four to five times in a clockwise direction until you feel the tension in the spring. Now you can place the roller back into the frame. 

Step 7: Check and Confirm

Ensure that your problem with the spring is solved now. Check that your caravan or motorhome blind opens or closes evenly and adequately. If it does, then it has a sufficient amount of tension. In case your caravan blind is not sliding up or down correctly, then it needs two more turns to add tension in the spring.

So, the above steps are quite helpful in fixing up your caravan blind. Still, if you think it is too much investment of time, efforts, and money, then you can order from us. We, at Xtend Outdoors, offer you a wide variety of caravan blinds, shade screens, offside shade walls and more caravan extensions to ensure your privacy at the campsite.

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