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How to Go for a Long Distance Motorcycle Camping

November 20th, 2019 in General by

Motorcycle Camping! You have heard it, you have seen people going on motorcycle camping trips, but you never dared to do it yourself. Camping on two wheels could be very overwhelming, but it is not as much as you think it is. 

For a motorcycle camping, all you need is a little more courage and a pinch of dare. Although, there is a lot to consider before you plan a motorcycle camping trip, as you are not travelling with a huge vehicle that can store, provide shelter and is safer.  

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Here are a few tips for an amazing, safe and fun motorcycle camping trip: 

Choose the correct bag

A camping trip on a two-wheeler means you can’t carry too much and thus you must be very careful about what all you would be taking along. A backpack might sound like a good choice, but it might not be. We tend to stuff our backpacks and then they do what they are best at when stuffed—weigh us down. Instead of using saddlebags and tank bags is a smarter way to travel on a motorcycle for a camping trip. 

Pack light

Saddlebags and tank bags are spacious enough to carry your stuff for a motorcycle camping trip and smaller enough not to stuff them up, this makes you to naturally pack light. Although some of us are creatures of habit and we tend to carry our world wherever we move. Well, a motorcycle camping trip is not a trip to carry your world along, so try harder to keep as fewer stuff as you can. A few essentials could be a first-aid kit, a few medications, flashlights, energy bars etc. Pack your clothes season-according, for winter camping trip there, would be jackets, for rainy weather you would prefer carrying rain pants. 

Make a checklist before you hit the road

Checking your vehicle before starting is very important. Run the following checks before you kick it down- 

Check the tyre pressure, if have tyres are worn out, replace them 

Check brakes and clutch cables 

Check headlamps, brake lights and taillights 

Check oil and batteries 

Carry the right tent

Expedition tents are a great choice for a motorbike camping trip. These tents occupy less space and are characteristically divided into 2 sections. One is a sleeping area and the other one is a small porch. The porch serves as a working area where you can cook, eat, store or simply rest. Expedition tents are tiny houses you can carry along, pitch and unhitch easily. 

 Motorcycle camping is more adventurous and calls for more caution as well. If you are an adventurer at heart, then plan a camping trip on a popping two-wheeler next time. 

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