How to Level Your Caravan

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We wish for a perfect caravan trip, but uneven campsites don’t let that happen.

The unleveled position of the caravan causes things to roll to the side. It also causes water from the shower to overflow onto the floor inside. This situation asks for leveling the caravan in its prime position. Which further dismisses the mishaps of fridge and shower, distributes the caravan weight evenly, and prevents excessive load to one side.

Now, the question comes how to level a caravan on the campsite. Don’t worry. It is quite easy.

How to Level Your Caravan

Ways to Level a Caravan

Leveling the caravan from front to back is relatively easier. You just have to wind the jockey wheel up or down depending upon the spirit level.

When it comes to leveling the caravan from the side, things get a little tricky. One side of the caravan is higher or lower than the other, and you need to settle the height difference and bring the caravan to level.

Many different types of equipment are available for leveling the caravan’s axle, such as
leveling ramps, inflatable bags, and wheel jacks. Caravanners even carry a piece of timber for raising the lower side. However, caravan leveling ramps are considered one of the best ways to level the caravan. These caravan leveling ramps are inexpensive and have multiple steps that offer you different height options for leveling.

How to Level Your Caravan?

When starting with leveling the caravan, place a spirit level to determine the higher side. Many caravanners place the spirit level on the floor inside, on A-frame, and even on the cabinets. However, when mounted on the A-frame, it provides an accurate level.

Place the caravan leveling ramps in front of the tire on the side to be raised. Drive the caravan onto it and check the level on both sides as you move every step. Once the wheels are positioned from both sides, fit the wheel chock to lock the ramp to prevent the caravan from rolling off. Also, make sure the caravan brakes are on.

Once the caravan is at the level from the side, use a jockey wheel to level the caravan from
front & back.

Air Bag Suspension

Another way to level your caravan on the uneven and rough campsites is airbag suspension. It allows you to level your caravan axle at the push of a button. These instantly inflate or deflate an airbag to raise or lower one side of the caravan.


The caravan leveling ramps will allow you to level your caravan on any terrain and enjoy your trip without any mishaps, no matter what the terrain is.

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