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How to Look After Your Caravan Accessories Effectively

August 21st, 2020 in General by

Thinking to take an RV trip? But before consider checking all the caravan accessories. This becomes vital when you are travelling for a longer period with your family or friends.

Caravan accessories provide comfort and convenience when you are outdoors. They make your holiday easier while you are away from your home. Thus, it is crucial that you look after your caravan equipment time and again. This way, you can increase their lifetime and avoid last-minute chaos while travelling.

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Here Is the Checklist for Caravan Accessories That You Should Take Care Of

1. Rollout Caravan Awnings for Extra Privacy

Choosing a flexible and functional awning is important before touring. You can install rollout awning walls to add privacy to your caravan. To avoid problems like dirt on top and bottom surfaces, fabric discolouration, etc., you should look after your awning.

Quick tips for proper care:

  • Check for any holes or tears
  • Keep your fabric bright by cleaning it
  • Rinse off the soap thoroughly till no residue is left on the fabric

2. Fire Extinguisher for Dealing with Fire Mishaps

Fire extinguishers are an important caravan accessory to ensure your safety. When you carry cooking stoves, you need a fire extinguisher too. It can save you from severe damages. Before caravanning, inspect your fire extinguisher for any signs of trouble.

Quick tips for proper care:

  • Check the last service date on the surface. In case the date is older than 5 years, contact your service provider
  • Check if the smoke alarm is in working condition
  • Go for an annual inspection done by a professional

3. Portable Refrigerators to Keep Your Food Cold On the Road

Keeping a caravan fridge adds up to the whole comfort. You get chilled drinks, beverages, and food items along your way. To avoid a noisy fridge while driving, check its cooling system, door, and freezer for any faults.

Quick tips for proper care:

  • Clean your fridge and its parts time and again
  • Cover it by a fridge shade to protect it from weather elements
  • Keep a dehumidifier in your RV to prevent moisture accumulation

4. Annexe for extended living space

Annexes are a great option to customise your space while caravanning. Inflatable camper annexe can double your living area, in just a few minutes. You can even attach them to your awnings for additional strength.

Quick tips for proper care:

  • Clean its roof to remove the dust and dirt
  • Inspect your manual hand pump to inflate annexe, before travelling
  • Check the zips of your annexe windows for repair

5. Caravan Battery to Charge All Your Appliances

The battery is one of the most important caravan essentials to charge your gadgets. You should check and maintain your battery that will last long while caravanning. To avoid any potential damage, check for any power irregularities in it.

Quick tips for proper care:

  • Charge your battery fully before driving
  • If your battery is still dead after charging, contact your service provider
  • When you are not caravanning for a prolonged time, make sure to disconnect your battery. Store it in a dry place and charge it in a few weeks.


Taking care of your Caravan accessories can make your holiday even better. In case you feel that your caravan equipment will demand a lot of effort, time, and money in repair and maintenance, you can buy a new one from us. At Xtend Outdoors, we have a wide range of caravan accessories such as awnings, annexes, extensions and shades, and much more.

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